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Last weekend Nuggie and I went down to an area of the South Bay of Los Angeles called Rancho Palos Verdes. We attended a birthday party at the Trump National Golf Club. Most Trump “properties” are covered in glass and steal and tower over people ominously, as if to say “I dare you.” His golf club here sprawls instead of towers, and instead of saying, “I dare you,” it says, “Don’t even THINK you’re good enough.”

We immediately felt at home when upon mere mention of the party we were led through the fancy dining rooms to the outside patio. Before you think “Oooh.. cool! They had an outside patio!” let me clear this up for you. There was no one else out there, because they seat no one there. No one except us (unless you’re spending a gazillion dollars on a wedding, and you need extra space, they’ll happily put more tables out there for the guest rejects). The patio was like a long porch to a big estate. Okay… veranda. (below photo from their website)

Trump National Golf Club

Don’t get me wrong. It was incredibly beautiful. But it was so friggin cold, it felt like the place where the family puts the kiddie table during parties, or if you’re in my family, at Thanksgiving. It was miserable until I started ordering the wait staff around and got the space heaters turned on.

Never to be stifled, at one point Nuggie and I (and our friend Jenna, who also happens to be an MOS – Ms. Cheevious on the Street – contributor), decided to walk to the far end of the veranda, where Nuggie immediately noticed the phenomenal acoustics.

We broke into an a cappella version of a song we’ve been working on for a while, “Tonight You Belong To Me.” You know the song, don’t you? Steve Martin sings it on the beach with Bernadette Peters in The Jerk. You can watch a video of Zoe Deschanel (New Girl) playing ukelele and singing it with someone here.

One day Nuggie and I will do it for you here. We’re brilliant. Trust me.

Heads turned as we walked back, but they really didn’t know who it was singing at the end of the veranda.

We like it like that.


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