There are times you should ignore the “cheer”




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I know, I know. I’m well aware I spent a good chunk of the other day telling you guys about how I’m getting this holiday “cheer” thing down. How when a bunch of punk-ass kids harassed me for no good reason, perhaps I should have practiced my breathing, smiled, nodded, and waxed the zenniest me possible – especially given the close proximity to the holidays and all.

But here’s the thing: It’s one thing for me to say my OHMS and make wise choices when I’m the one whose fuse was tripped. And trust me, it’s been tripped BIG TIME too much lately.  I can’t tell you the number of times while here in the desert with Nuggie on location I’ve wanted to wrap a cactus around… well anything… my laptop, a hairbrush, my handbag… and create me some extremely PRICKLY hotel workers…  But no, I just keep breathing and doing yoga… every day and night, by god. It’s the holidays for goddsakes.

But when those same punk ass kids or any other losers threaten someone who is weaker or fragile, that’s when I ignore the “cheer” and step in.

A friend of mine recently shared a story from some time ago, when she was all of about 90 pounds, and she was out shopping. She came upon a couple of thugs harassing an old lady. The old woman was visibly scared and shaking and my tiny little friend marched up and threatened in her most intimidating voice “Leave her alone NOW!” The thugs leaned in on my little half-Italian bad-ass friend, so she said, “What are you gonna do? Hit me? Right in front of all these people? Leave NOW before I call the cops.”

The thugs walked away.

I admit. It could have gone very differently, but it did not. The old woman was thankful and me… well, I was yelling GO YOU BADASS GIRL to my computer screen, which is where I read the story.

Annnnnd…  I rest my case. There are times you should ignore the “cheer,” step in and do what’s right.

Watch this very telling anti-bullying experiment done by Worldstar Hip Hop which was posted on Facebook (if it isn’t showing for you below, click the here). You’ll be surprised by how many people do not stop, and you’ll cheer for those who do (the best one is a GIRL, I might add – but anyone who stands up to this sh*t is a freaking HERO in my book):



This holiday season (and really any time) if you see someone being bullied, picked-on, harrassed or threatened by someone bigger, stronger or more intimidating then they, I give you permission: Ignore the “cheer” and GO BALLISTIC on their asses.


Pandiyan / / CC BY-NC


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