The thing that really bothers me

A few days ago I received an email from a family member which was addressing an issue we all eventually face: death, dying, and dealing with what’s left behind.

I saw that little email message, read the subject line, and promptly ignored it, switching over to Twitter. Ahhh Twitter… the place where one can spew out what’s on the heart and mind and see where the chips fall, without your house becoming a combat zone (unless of course, you’re someone as famous as Ashton Kutcher – he was really just misunderstood).

I’d completely forgotten about said email until a slew of replies back and forth started lighting my computer up this morning. By this time, I thought I’d just better click that little icon and see what was brewing in family-land. I suddenly found myself composing an homage to Eminem with phrases such as “It’s time to move the f*ck on” (my email wasn’t censored) and “yeah, I’d welcome someone manipulative, controlling and self-serving. NOT.”

Take hormones much? Yeah… probably not.

But after sharing such a moving show of love and humanity in the video yesterday, and after I said I wanted to go out and just “GIVE GIVE GIVE” this explosion of words is the thing that really bothers me. Where the hell did it come from? True, people sometimes have to hear it harshly, especially when their deafness is shriveling every ounce of love you ever had for them. And true, sometimes I am the only one willing to do the job. But I suppose I’d hoped for a better start to my day… that or I hoped that maybe TODAY would be the day that assholes everywhere would surprise us all and turn over a new leaf.

Then again… you know what they say, right? Tomorrow is another day. MOVING THE F*CK ON NOW.

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