Surf’s up but I’m tired

Surf’s up but I’m tired


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ATTENTION SURFERS: Because I love you, and you’re hot and cool and all, I want to forewarn you that this article is NOT at all about surfing. Not waves, anyway. Just know, you have been warned.


SPOILER ALERT: This post offers a trifecta of emotions – Bliss, Excitement and Fear.

First it briefly highlights the benefits of unplugging (BLISS). Then it proceeds to describe some of the very cool products and opportunities (and whacky psychotic thought processes) I’ve gotten for not  unplugging (EXCITEMENT). Finally, it offers you a chance to see at a glance (in another link) all that I do online, so you can get overwhelmed and tired too (FEAR, PEOPLE!).

Warning: This is for PROFESSIONALS ONLY. If you don’t know what you are doing when you are connected to the internet like it’s your umbilical cord, you will most certainly go bat shit crazy.



I recently stumbled upon an online community called Influenster is a website that measures your online influence in certain areas, and pairs you with their corporate clients to allow you to try their products and review them. I signed up for the site, because I’m all about getting free stuff for my hard work.

No, seriously.

Don’t think for a second that being Ms. Cheevious is all fun and games (okay, it is – er – I am). Not only does Lisa Jey Davis have profiles on most of these websites, but so do I (and there are clients and other people too), and all of it must be managed in some way.

BUT — just today I read a refreshing, fantastic blog post by one of the stars of The Young and the Restless, Cady McClain which illustrated the incredible peace that can come from unplugging, and the fresh perspective we can gain about life apart from our multiple SCREENS (phone, computer, tablet, television).

I read Cady’s post and thought, I have also been feeling exhausted from all of this social media and online “presence” making!!! 

But even though I know I need to step way from the computer now and then, I didn’t throw the computer across the room, rip the television off the wall or smash my smart phone to pieces (though one could argue it would do me a world of good)!

Hey – and if you actually READ Cady’s post, it isn’t really about quitting social media altogether. It’s about adding all the other stuff back in, and only saying something online if you have something to really SAY.

It’s about BALANCE people. I gotta find my good ole’ friend BALANCE. Please let me know if you see her.


So recently Influenster sent me what’s called a SURF’S UP VOX BOX. They wanted me to test the products inside and let them know what I think. The box had some fun, and what they dubbed as beach-y items — perfect, because I live by the beach.

Here is something I shared on Instagram about the Vox Box, showing all of the fun little products they sent me:

#SurfsUp #VoxBox from Influenster. LOVE IT.

(you can read all the cool stuff I said here).

I even did a little video on Instagram, while getting a manicure with my #SinfulColors polish. I’m a nut, I know.

(You can also watch the 15 second video clip here).

#SinfulColors Manicure. I LOVE THEIR COLORS!
Here are my reviews of the products I’ve been able to put to use so far:

#SinfulColors Nail Polish:

LOVE this stuff. I had ONE manicure with it on June 25, and guess what? I’m still sporting it. No chipping, no fading. A little grown out, but it’s AMAZING. It gets 10 out of 10 (chocolates AND vodkas).

10 out of 10


First-Aid #FastRelief Shot Therapy:

This stuff came at a time when I’d been teaching TONS of classes and my hip flexors, knees and other body parts were extremely sore. As a matter of fact, I opened the box and proclaimed to M.C. Nugget “Look at this! I’m going to drink it down right now!” And I did, forgetting to document said test. But it tasted decent and after about ten minutes (or less?) I noticed my pain start to dissipate. This is AWESOME. It has a little caffeine and pain reliever in it, but it’s pretty awesome.  It gets 8 chocolates (because the taste was decent, but not FANTASTICALLY GREAT) and 10 vodkas, because the pain relief ROCKED. I will be using this stuff again.

8 out of 10


I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the Covergirl Bombshell Mascara (and all the #bombshelling around town I’ll be doing with it), as well as all the other goodies in the box via my INSANE NUMBER of SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS very soon, if I haven’t already.

This leads me to my last point.



It’s a damn good thing I’m a sometime publicist because with all of the time I spend PLUGGED IN and managing multiple accounts I really COULD go

Bat Shit Crazy from too much Social Media?

But, the next time you are overwhelmed think about THIS: I manage about 8 thousand social media accounts.

I’m exaggerating, but I can’t even count them.

My days are FILLED with status posting, sharing, photographing interesting events or items, sharing those, responding, surfing the internet for useful tips for my followers and posting again – ALL ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS FOR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.

Then I write blogs, and write articles for LiveStrong and Huffington Post. AND I WRITE BOOKS, YOU GUYS!!! I JUST FINISHED THE LAST PART OF MS. CHEEVIOUS!!!!

It could be seen as pure MADNESS. But it’s my job.

It doesn’t pay in greenbacks but I’ve had offers of a FREE CAR, MY OWN TELEVISION SHOW, have been sent free, cool stuff and more. The greenback pay-off is coming soon, I know it.

How do you think you would fare trying to create and manage an internet footprint like mine? Think of the shoe size of SHAQ and multiply that by about a gajillion (just kidding, of course).

To get a clue about my social media life go here, where I provide at a glance details, ad nauseum, infinitum. 

This internet surfing stuff is where the sh*t gets real, people. Surf’s up. But now… I’m tired.
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