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That is all I ask, you guys. Is spelling out actual, real words too much to ask of people? My brain is really tired and doesn’t want to do all the freakin’ work any more, unkay? (Sarcasm and non-word use intentional, of course).

In all honesty, I’m sure you lovely people know how to spell beautifully. But the fact the Oxford English Dictionary recently decided that ♥, OMG and LOL were worthy of entries deserving etymology has me extremely distressed (don’t even get me started on their addition of “wassup”).

Really Oxford? How does one parse out the etymology of ♥? I thought you were on our side! You remember… the side that wants our kids to actually learn the meanings of full-length words, how to S-P-E-L-L them, and to actually use them in written communication?

I guess that aspiration went the way of Twitter, because you know what they say — the average shelf life of a tweet is only about 90 seconds.

So, it’s all over. I give up. I’m going the way of the Oxford English Dictionary.

So PLZ get outta my grillz n dont tell me wassup, cuz OMG… u n ur rules are like, whatevs… u know? 


omg (365-286)


Or maybe not.


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