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I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog post to pose the question: “what the HELL happened to my funny?”

It seems that sometime around February my funny sort of deflated and went the way of that mockingbird that use to keep me awake at night doing his best impressions of car alarms and cell phone vibrators.

Before you click the back button on your browser or roll your eyes like a college kid with too many cool gadgets to be bothered, please just unplug your earbuds and divert your attention away from your internet TV streaming system and let me explain something.

Perhaps you’ve not noticed while managing all those amazing things you’re creating for your life, but I’ve not been writing much here lately. And really, that’s what I want for you. I want you to be too busy to notice a tiny little thing like me not writing hilarious, fun posts that brighten your day.

I’ve been creating my own amazingness over here too, and boy is it distracting. Believe me, I was on my fifth cup of coffee the other day when it finally hit me that it’s been a long ass time since I’ve written A SINGLE POST just for the fun of it, or because I actually wanted to. There have been announcement posts, and okay, maybe a little funny now and then, but it’s been nothing compared to what my conveyor-belt comedic blog post factory was putting out prior to February.

You GUYS, it really has been since February that I’ve actually felt one iota of an itsy bitsy hint of funny in my life,

It’s almost MAY… isn’t it?

I’m not sad or depressed or anything like that just because I seem to have misplaced my funny. No, my life isn’t measured in extremes.



Okay it is, but still… I’m actually doing GREAT.

I’ve just been working my little ASS off.

Aside from rising before dawn to shape the tushes of the masses in my Pilates Plus classes, trying to make this world a healthier, sexier place, I feel like I’m attached at the hip to my other boyfriend – the 27″ big screen – working on some exciting business projects.

What kind of projects, you ask? 

Well, I’m creating a mobile app to inspire gorgeous, single mommies and one to help women in Orchids! Oh, and there is that bright idea I got to launch “The Orchids Plan,” a subscription based service to deliver motivation, inspiration, recipes, diets and exercises to women over 40 or actually in Orchids (I changed “menopause” to orchids a while back).

With all of these exciting projects in process people, I’ve been frazzled from burning the candle at both ends, and it’s understandable that my brain has simply been too crammed full of TO DO LISTS to think in terms of funny.

That said, I’d like to leave you with this little anecdote:

Growing up my siblings and I used the term HUCKA MUCKA. It was our way of saying enormous, gigantic… maybe even ginormous.

We’d say, for example “I don’t want a little piece of cake, mom! I want a hucka mucka piece of cake!”

You get the picture.

I’ve said Hucka Mucka now and then around M.C. Nugget, and he’s well-versed in (and a little terrorized by) my English language nuances.

So, the other day when M.C. Nugget and I were walking on Main Street in Santa Monica and we walked by a store that had the Elvis song, Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love blasting through its doors, I started to hum. For some reason, Nuggie felt compelled to ask What are you humming?

I replied, “Hucka Mucka Burnin’ Love”

I was completely serious. YOU GUYS, I wasn’t even trying to be funny.

Nuggie looked at me with a little fear in his eyes. When I caught on to my mistake (it sometimes takes a while), I laughed and said, “OMG! I can’t believe I just said Hucka Mucka burn in’ love!” He nervously laughed, and we went on about our day.

Then it occurred to me: My FUNNY ISN’T GONE. It’s on vacation.

It’s somewhere having fun with people on a beach singing HUCKA MUCKA BURNIN’ LOVE.

Elvis Festival 2012 Collingwood

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