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I received an email from a graduate student (Alana) who found Ms. Cheevious and wanted my help with her dissertation.

Alana, you had me at “found Ms. Cheevious.”

Alana needs to collect and analyze data about the communication between single (divorced) parents and their small children after the divorce. Let’s help Alana out, shall we?

Here’s the deal:  You have to meet some criteria. If you do, and you take her little online survey, you can win $50 BUCKS for participating. Not bad, eh? Help a college student = maybe win some money.

If you do not meet the criteria, you may know someone who does. So PASS IT ON.

Here are the criteria:

1) You must be a divorced single mom or dad – divorced within the last 3-5 years. (Sorry… you can’t be just a regular ole single parent, no. You have to have gone through hell — I mean divorce). 

2) You must be at least 18 years of age. (I always say I had my first kid at 6 years old… that it was in all of the tabloids. So if that’s your story, and you aren’t lying… well you have other issues, but you don’t qualify).

3) You must be fluent in English. (No hablamos Espanol).

4) Your kids are between 2-5 years old. (You grannies with grownups, it doesn’t countm even though you probably need the money just as much… next time perhaps). 

5) A child is attending a full or part-time preschool program. (Those of you lucky enough to stay at home and/or homeschool your kids, well the way this deal works, you don’t qualify… and you know… I say “FINALLY – something for working, single parents!”)

If you meet all of the criteria above, go to If you don’t please pass this on to everyone you know!

Share it on FACEBOOK with this status update:

Have you been divorced within the past 3 years and have a child between the ages of 2-5 who is currently enrolled in preschool?  If so, click here to participate in an anonymous survey that can win you $50!


And for those of you Twitter savvy readers, please share this:

Are you divorced w/a young child? Do this survey to help @YUDivorceStudy with her dissertation. You could win $50!  


Be quick about it ladies and gentlemen. I’ve got more mischief to share.

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