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Last week I promised I would get back to posting daily articles here. But time flies, dammit.

Has it really almost been a week?

Okay that is IT!

No more scarcity of posts people. Watch me light my keyboard on fire.

No really. Watch.

would say I’m sitting here at my desk this lovely Saturday night writing and posting articles with the unwavering focus and determination of a Tomahawk cruise missile, but it’s more like I’m in college cramming all twenty-one chapters in for the final exam on Monday. But I digress.

Last week I eluded to BIG NEWS that would give you insight into my lack of posts. I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

You guys, M.C. Nugget and I made things official last Monday!



Yep. We did it!  The man who never gave a copy of his apartment key to any gal before he met me, is now not only in a relationship with me, nope. I don’t just have a key and happen to keep most of my clothes at his place, no. We are now…  (mwahahahahaha) .…


You thought I was going to use the big M word didn’t you? I’m not opposed to marriage you guys, but that wasn’t going to happen like this. No, only a DP situation would be appropriate for this kind of shotgun stunt to save our beach palace.

You see, we chose to go this route because his landlady was threatening eviction, stating I’d been Nuggie’s “illegal roommate” which conflicted with his lease. But we soon learned that in the city of Santa Monica it is unlawful to evict someone who is in a Domestic Partnership or Husband/Wife.

So guess who marched over to the steps of City Hall on Monday morning before they opened to say “SIGN US UP?”

“But I thought domestic partnerships were only for gay people,” you say? Well, apparently not.

The best thing I heard during all of this was from my good friend Gecko down in San Diego who asked, “So do we throw you a reception or something?”  No, Gecko, we do not.  But thank you for thinking of it. I’m just kinda loving this official status with my NUGGET. Now that is something BIG.


Here we are, the first people at the Santa Monica City Clerk’s Office on Monday Morning. Awe…
The clerk was nice enough to snap a shot of the newly partnered Domestics… See how clever we were with our rings?
Love me a little Sepiatone photo, because Nuggie looks so good this way. But there it is – our little City Hall behind us.
Domestic Partner rings
And here is the photo you’ve all been waiting for: Our Domestic Partner rings on our index fingers!


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