Here is the one who cannot be stopped…





I announced a grand giveaway on the post “There will be no stopping you…” a couple of weeks ago, and the prize was a one year subscription to PressReader – a service that delivers news content from around the globe to your smart phone, computer or device.

There were hundreds of entries, but we tweeted, we announced and we posted until we were blue in the face, that he (or she) who diligently entered daily would increase their odds of winning exponentially. The winner was chosen by the Rafflecopter generator, and it’s below.

Apparently this winner took me seriously. He had the most entries of anyone, and it paid off!

PressReader Winner


Let’s congratulate Tom on his win, shall we? Thanks to PressReader, Tom can read as many news papers and major publications as he can handle (just like Warren Buffet)… which means he’ll be fast on his way to being wealthy and wise.

Stay tuned, because I have a BUNCH of giveaways coming (can you say Beverly Hills facial products? Fitness Apparel?)!