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When M.C. Nugget and I first started dating, one of the key factors in solidifying our destiny as a couple was our mutual affinity for Jabba the Hutt (from Star Wars). We see Jabba as a chubby fatso who can eat anything (and as much as he wants) and not care, because dieting is most definitely not going to make him look good. Nothing can. We totally get it.

We also have a mutual love (or sickness, depending on how you look at it) for impersonating funny or quirky creatures and characters. I do a mean Jabba. I know where I got this weird trait – it runs in my nutty family. We’re all drama queens (and kings) and will put on a show for no good reason at the drop of a hat. I cannot speak for Nuggie. He’s an actor (maybe that is speaking for him).

Although I vowed to eat healthy during the holidays (which I’m doing extremely well at it, I might add), I did not promise to prepare healthy holiday foods for others. I have my limits. Everyone else is on their own. I can only see my healthy ideas and tips defaced and ignored before my eyes so many times, before I give up and begin to daydream of shoving the fudge and cookies into the mouth of the next person to explain why they aren’t making healthy choices… it can be discouraging.

The other side of the coin is that I too love my yummy treats and decadent foods. I am something of a cook savant in that I can eat something fabulous at a restaurant and recreate it with some good success on my own. This doesn’t always make for healthy dining, which is why I am on a healthy eating binge this holiday season. But it was a helluva good (or bad) eating run over the past six months.

But enough about ME! This is the Holidays! It’s Christmas! So in the spirit of Christmas, and in the spiriting of giving —

I went ballistic and baked the following decadent treats for two days straight: White, Milk and Dark Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts, Chocolate Chunk Cookies with both Cadbury Dairy Milk & Dove Milk Chocolate bar chunks (literally — the full squares are my chocolate chips) and walnuts, and Russian Tea Cakes (snowball shaped cookies full of butter, walnuts and powdered sugar).

Yumminess at Christmas

Yumminess Closeup Christmas Yumminess AGAIN


Nuggie posted a DailyNugget earlier this week with all of the ingredients I used for this endeavor, to which someone said something like this on Facebook, “Hey Lisa, I seem to recall a post about your eating healthy these Holidays.”

You, my dear commenter are correct. I’m remaining healthy while I Jabba-up the rest of the world.  Look out. Cuz here comes Jabba Claus.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy whatever you celebrate. Peace out.

No really — Peace, people.

PS) I have reserves, just in case…

Reserve Yumminess


While you’re at it, read my new article on the Huffington Post:

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about being responsible while you drink these holidays

Xmas Cocktail: Snowball


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