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M.C. Nugget and I left this morning on a road trip up to San Francisco. Much as I love travel, this morning, as I started to collect all of the things I need with me at all times (my iPhone charger, electric exfoliator Botox-cream and my hair protectant, because I must always have tight skin and non-fried hair while driving along PCH),, and as I started to ask myself out loud, “what was it I wanted to bring?” I thought this is why people hire people for this. Because, you guys, I just got back from San Diego on Monday and I woke up this morning in a cloud and in obvious need of more sleep.

So we were loading up the car (Nuggie was) and I was making my last second rounds for important bring-alongs (Splenda packets, Vodka, gummy vitamins: CHECK). I grabbed my purse but noticed a pile of papers stuffed inside my cute little satchel. The only thing I thought was “get RID of the excess,” as I laid the pile of papers on the hutch and ran out the door.

Road trip necessities.


About an hour down the road, Nuggie said, “I’m going to need you to check the directions for the correct exit coming up,” to which I replied, “Where are they?” It’s funny what happens when you ask Nuggie a question. He tends to answer. So then he said this:

“I put them in your purse.”

People, this post could be about how important communication is, but the truth is I am the dizzy blonde (pun intended, and if you read my posts, you’ll get the pun) in this. Nuggie had informed me he put the directions in my purse this morning, but I was too distracted by the big screen to notice.

Thank god for iPhones and google maps. We are on our way and doing great. We are just outside of the Hoover Dam now.

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