And then I told you this




Do you recall the time I talked about those lessons I’ve learned while conquering the world? Remember how I went all ZEN on you guys? I talked about how I learned that we are not machines, and that if we don’t take things off our plates the universe will do it for us? Yeah, that time.

I’d like to apologize for that post. I think I may have led you to believe that I have arrived, and in no way, shape or form EVER over commit or have too much to handle.

Consider this my version of eating crow.

Eating Crow

All of this to excuse my lack of posts these past two weeks, people. But, but, but… I really HAVE had a shit load going on! What with M.C. Nugget leaving THIS week for five weeks to work on a film (YAY Nuggie)… and whatnot.  But I have so so so much else to tell you guys! I simply can’t say anything more about anything right now…. not until later this week.

Don’t you hate that? Cryptic posts?  Ms. Cryptic-McCryptlestein…

Stay tuned. I promise it will be worth it.

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