A “FORCE” on The Doctors TV Show

This morning I attended a taping of The Doctors television show here in Los Angeles. I’ve been to The Doctors TV show before, but then, I appeared on it (you can watch part of that story below). This time, the show producers reached out to the people of FORCE (who are a force to be reckoned with, I might add) to elicit their members to be a part of the audience for a special show on the secrets of our Genes. FORCE is an organization, “Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered,” which serves to empower people who’ve tested positive for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, or the BRCA 1 or 2 genetic mutations.

Let’s just say, I was a PROUD member of that audience. Be on the lookout for the episode. It will be titled something like “The Secrets of Our Genes.”  They weren’t sure of the air date today when we taped it… sorry!

On that note, I’m sending up a smoke signal and a HUGE MOFO SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHAH & SISTAH “PREVIVORS” (a previvor is someone who alleviates cancer before it can ever occur, either by mega super medical screenings, or by surgery)!

You are all beautiful, sexy, incredible specimens, and I’m so fantastically fortunate to be counted among you.

And there is this VERY IMPORTANT INFO about September (fast approaching) and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month:



Here is the very video I spoke of above, for your viewing, commenting and sharing pleasure (and NO, I was not holding the camera while driving. It was propped!)

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