The Great Instagram Swag Bag Giveaway

I’ve been around Hollywood, people. And it seems that everywhere you go here in Tinsel Town, they give cool shit to the guests in the form of gift bags. I can’t possibly keep all this stuff, even if I lived in a huge house! And since M.C. Nugget and I live in a little tiny beach palace… well, I’m unloading all the goods right here and right now.

Yep. A TON of the cool things from Hollywood Award shows and gifting suites are HERE in ONE BAG. And they’re going to one lucky winner!

And yes… there are really awesome things (like a custom designed Pandora Charm Bracelet (I designed it on the spot at a Golden Globes party), a Crow Watch, some Rembrandt Whitening strips, some great scarves, more jewelry, lingerie, and more…

And this contest is running for a solid month, finishing up on August 4, 2015, to give everyone time to rack up the points! It involves INSTAGRAM, so if you’re not on Instagram, there is no time like the present, folks. Get to it! But you can certainly earn points in other ways! Check it out!

(PS. If you don’t see the contest below, but instead only see the title, then just “refresh” your browser. That should make it display properly!)

The Great Swag Bag Giveaway #GreatSwagBag
The Great Ms. Cheevious SWAG BAG Give Away



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