Gotta Keep Up 4 SEX TEXTS

This blog brought to you by MY TEXT BRAIN (and yours too… don’t deny. I know these things): ME: dremt bout u lst nite. INSERT SEXY MUSIC… ME:  HOT HIM: ? wtf? HIM: need 411 ME: u+me. nkky. steamy HIM: wow. PAUSE… HIM: comin ovr ME: can’t. INSERT RECORD SCRATCH… MUSIC STOPS. ME: work. 🙁 HIM: dude… PAUSE…. INSERT SEXY MUSIC. HIM: later? ME: 4 sure. call me. xo HIM: 4 sure. HIM:  cnt wait ————– OMG people (and please don’t tell me you don’t know what OMG stands for)! What has become of us? HA! I think it may be time for a good classic novel, like maybe “Pride & Prejudice” or something, to get me back to the roots of the English language. That or maybe a little sumpin’ sumpin’… (after reading that text… wow…).. The point?  If you don’t keep up with the LINGO, you don’t get no sexy MINGLE!! Get it! ha ha… Enjoy your weekend lovely people! I’m still workin’ on that FUN video about my trip to Houston. Haven’t forgotten! Stay tuned! Love you people!!! Mmmmmppphhhuuuuhhhhh!! xoxo, Ms. Cheevious ——————- Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply! Register to receive these posts via email! Go to the Ms. Cheevious Home page, and enter your email address where it asks for it, then click subscribe.  It’s that easy! Follow me on Twitter“LIKE” me on Facebook (This way I can say “You LIKE me! You really, really LIKE me!”). Subscribe to me on Youtube.  (Then please also  “like” and “favorite” my videos! YAY!) You can also follow my man M.C. Nugget on Twitter Blog content copyright 2011, LISA JEY DAVIS a.k.a. Ms. Cheevious

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