Emmys Baby!

Because I posted once this week already – in “Are You Ready to Rock Your Body?” – and so many of you subscribe to my posts via email, I am going to make this brief (I don’t ever want to be one of those pesky email senders that ends up in the virtual – or real – trash)!

So, it’s BACK by POPULAR DEMAND!  The Emmy Awards is back, that is.  And I am escorting one of my clients, Ricky (of Ricky & Lucy “alias” fame) down the red carpet.  Okay – it’s for the Daytime Emmys, which are airing on August 30th on the CW Network, but it’s Emmys nonetheless. 

Also, um – well – I am not attending the awards. 


Not this year. 

I had quite an evening last year, as evidenced by my post “Emmys Girl“.  You see, after I drank like a fish on an empty stomach, got hit on by the entire Detroit Piston’s offense (are they all on offense?), sexy danced in front of Hollywood A-listers at the TV Guide party, made an absolute fool of myself, and was accused of being a Jimmy Kimmel stalker all in one night – I decided a girl can only do that once a decade.  Especially when it’s in front of the same peeps! HA!

Here I am at the FX party at Foxtail that night – prior to my fateful and debilitating inebriation, which prompted me to tell the paparazzi at Comedy Central’s party, after all of the flashes finished, that the girl they had just photographed (me) was Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood (this of course garnered quite a few laughs) rather than what I SHOULD have said, “[My Name] – award-winning author of Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood“:

So, now, the question is:  Professional suit?  Or Cocktail Dress?

Remember, I am only escorting him down red carpet to make sure he gets interviewed by all the right media, then I will head home or wherever my little heart desires.  So, I need to remain in the background.  I do have a hot little gray satin, off-the-shoulder Nicole Miller cocktail dress that could work, though. 

What do you think?  That I wear too much Nicole Miller? HA!

And what about hair?  I am thinking straight and down, rather than up?

Okay – enough about me.  Well – it’s NEVER enough – hee hee.  But I am in Albuquerque this week, so not much to report on the current Hollywood scene.  I promise to transmit from LA-LA-Land next week, and it’ll be OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmppphhuuhhhhhhh!!!!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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