Meeting your love match this fall may require some work

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When my divorce was finally FINAL after a couple of years of separation and negotiations with my ex, I had already been dipping my toe into the dating world pool. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone.

In fact, I couldn’t wait for my divorce to be final at the time, because suddenly I was confronted with the wonderful world of other guys who were actually, really and truly interested and attracted to ME (go FIGURE).

As much as I had no idea what was in store for my world sans my significant other, I also knew moving forward without a ROCKIN’ social life was never going to be an option. My choices were obvious: dig in and let some new people in, or die. And you guys, I am NOT now, nor have I ever been into dying.


And here is one of those annoying little unavoidables we divorced mommies and daddies must face:


meeting a LOVE MATCH may actually require some work – no matter what a “love match” means to you.


Never being afraid of work, I was one of the first in my circle of single girlfriends to dive into online dating. I’ll never forget the weekend I set up my first-ever profile on MATCH. I spent a good part of the afternoon crafting a witty and informative profile, adding some fun photos. I knew I wanted to meet men, but I wasn’t interested in a relationship (I’d just gotten out of one I hadn’t liked so much). I stated that little fact loud and clear at the top of my profile. About an hour later my inbox bulged with hundreds of messages from men also not wanting a relationship. Again, go FIGURE. But really, I wanted to meet new people, I made known what I was looking for and it WORKED.

I later rethought my goals and tweaked my profile (after filling my social calendar with a few too many guys I couldn’t keep track of, and after growing tired of coffee).

Whitney Casey Interview

I admit, it took some work to set up, but the part of the work I hadn’t thought of was getting into the dating part of it. You know… you gotta actually GO on a date if you want to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right some day? Go FIGURE.

And that is how Whitney Casey, Relationship Expert with puts it too… Yep. I brought in the big guns. In conjunction with a fall promotion is doing for Single Parents, they agreed to allow me to interview Whitney for you lovely people.

Something that I learned in talking to these great folks is that Single Parents who use online dating sites have 2x’s the dating success than those who don’t date online. So although you may feel like it’s all smarm and that no good can come of diving into online dating, the odds you are right and that is true DO NOT ADD UP. This means, if you’re a single parent wanting to meet someone special, the time is ripe (and so is the fruit in my experience… just sayin). I also found out that you won’t be alone if you choose to dive in. Over a third of the members on are single parents! And you’ll find out some cool things about what people looking for love think about dating single parents in my interview below.

The point is, it is about damn time to get back in the saddle ladies and gentlemen. The dates aren’t going to happen on their own.

But WATCH this quick video interview I did with Whitney, because I asked her all of. the questions you’ll BOTH want to know the answers to (guys and gals)… all about what to say (and not) on your first date, how to create a rockin’ profile, and a couple of other great tips!


If for some reason your browser does not display the video box above, click here to view the fun and informative interview.

This post has been graciously sponsored by because is helping single parents find their love match this fall.  Get over there to sign up and get back in the saddle again you hot-hot-hottie mchottlesteins. 


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