“Dances with Couples”

I broke away from watching “Riding in Cars With Boys” (which I never saw… YOU GUYS! Why didn’t you tell me?!) to take a call and chat with a gal pal in distress over her relationship with her man.

It’s what I do. I like to think I helped my best girl, but I gotta think that on some level, I was just doing the dance I always do.

Friends have issues in their relationship? Friends talk about it together.

I’m no different from anyone else in this. But what sets me apart is that I have a uniquely keen ability to cut through the bullshit and see what is really going on behind all the drama.

I know I’ve said this before, that it’s perfectly fine if you want to call me “The Relationship Whisperer” but that moniker is so overdone, and so five minutes ago. Now, you may call me by my new self-assigned Native American name “Dances with Couples.”



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