Fisticuffs, Friends on the Move, Parties

1.  I know what it’s like to feel caught in the middle of someone else’s fight.  Yup, me.  Ms. Cheevious.  I actually witnessed a real fight – well it wasn’t really full-on fisticuffs, because it was between my dear friends (a couple that I love like family) – although, I realize fisticuffs isn’t out of the question. But they found out a little over two weeks ago that they have to move to NYC because “he” got a soap opera gig in NYC.  So, things have been a little tense.  To say the least.  The “she” of the couple had her share of problems getting organized and well, let’s just say that I was there to witness the Chernobyl of Venice Beach.  Not fun.  Funny how the human spirit can be so determined to make it through life’s difficulties, though.  And thank god.  The next morning I fully expected to be searching for my friends’ remains among the ashes, but no.  It was business as usual at “moving central.”  Go figure.  In the midst of it, I didn’t handle it well, people.  I’m glad for the ability to cry, because when you need to – hey – you need to. I don’t know about them, but godddd it was good to let it out. HA!

2.  This week I’ve been helping these same friends (Ricky & Lucy) pack up their place. They are leaving this Sunday.  Not only am I torn up about that, because I’m going to miss them TERRIBLY (plus, they lived in Venice Beach, and um, excuuuuuse me, but where am I going to store my beach cruiser now???).

3.  At the same time they are leaving to NYC, my friend Britt is moving back here from NYC! YAY!  I am so happy about that!  So, I figure it is a trade off.  Ricky & Lucy – for Britt!  Ha ha!  Okay – no one can replace Ricky & Lucy, but Britt coming here (and she will live with me for a few months until she gets settled) will make their moving away a bit easier. Besides, I’ve already booked my flights to NY for November, December, January, and  — 

4.  In addition to a crazy, busy work schedule, and helping Ricky & Lucy pack their home, I am throwing them a going away bash at my place this weekend.  Well, Fred the Wonder Chicken and I are throwing it.  Him, me, Ricky, Lucy and a about a hundred of their closest friends.  Yes, call in the men with white jackets now.  I’m thinking a padded room is sounding pretty nice right about now.  heh heh

5. This week of Yom Kipur I decided to reflect as well (though I am not Jewish).  We throw ourselves into the fire with the demands we place on ourselves – our careers and professional pursuits, keeping up our homes, taking care of loved ones and friends, nurturing and working through meaningful relationships, and all the menial responsibilities of life – not to mention the time we need to recharge and actually enjoy the world we’ve created for ourselves!  Then we wonder why we feel the singe of the flames!  Ha!  I’ll tell you why!  Because life can be tough.  How’s that for a golden nugget of wisdom?  Not only that, but that same fire can burn warm and sweet and remind us of how truly AWESOME life can be.

Well, what do you know?  I’m done for this week!!  Can you believe it people?  Have a really great weekend, and if I come out ALIVE, I’ll send up a smoke signal! 

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmphhhuuuuhhhhhh!

Ms. Cheevious

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