This one is for the stalkers

I received a comment on a Facebook post today that said something like, “I love all your quotes and follow you like a stalker.”

Sniff, sniff. It warms my heart to know I have my very own stalker!

You know I mean that facetiously, right? True stalkers are no laughing matter.

Nevertheless, I’ve had more than a couple of people “do” what I “do” in regard to my approach to — well, a lot of this online stuff. Whether it’s an innovative approach to writing a blog post, a different way to use facebook page entries to engage fans, employing unique phrasing for Twitter’s #FollowFridays, or the way I announce that I’ve given Klout to someone, and so on…. they see it, and then some of them do it. It’s that simple!


I’ve thought long and hard about why this is the case, because even though I would love it to be because I’m simply brilliant, I think there is more to it. Maybe it’s because of our age group? Because god knows there has got to be thousands of twenty-something emo-beatnick kids out there coming up with REALLY f-ing unique shit.

But maybe it’s because I don’t simply accept the way things are “supposed to be” and am merely willing to take risks and step outside of the borders?  

I suppose why is irrelevant though, because regardless, I’ve seen my share of monkey-see-monkey-doers.

Some might call this plagiarism or at best unoriginal, but I don’t! I simply adore it!

Before you ask yourself why, ask this question: Do you think I was the first one to write an original #FollowFriday tweet?

Hell no.

Although I may joke to the contrary, I’ll say it right here and now, and only once:

I did not invent cool. 


I’ve just thrown a little bone to you quasi-stalkers out there. Because I love you for all of your copycat ways.

Keep up the good work.