A little midnight rendezvous

How about a little midnight rendezvous, people? You know things are getting wild and crazy when the first chance I get to write something is at 12:01 AM. The NEXT day.

Nuggie and I treated ourselves to a day (and evening) off today, and though I tried to send up a smoke signal earlier from my phone it simply didn’t work. It wouldn’t cooperate. But now, on the way home after midnight, all is well with the universe and I can get a dispatch out.

You know? I LIKE our little midnight rendezvous. It feels like we are all alone after hours, having a night cap.

Alas, my darlings, I am spent and ready to crawl into bed fully clothed and still holding my purse.

So much for an exciting midnight escapade. Have a good night, though, and I will be ready for you with a fresh burst of energy tomorrow. Sweet dreams.