Some R Winnin’

Get it? Some R, and Summer?  Ha ha.  Well this time I have TWO winners everyone!

One lucky person gets the great makeup from the Hollywood / Award Show gifting suite gift bags. And the other very lucky person gets a consolation prize.  I’ll explain why in a sec.

The winner for commenting and subscribing on “Hiking Colorado Extreme II” is:

For comments made on the video below, and for subscribing!

And for her work, above and beyond expectations (winning some additional swag from the gifting suite bags) the consolation prize goes to:

Not only did this old friend of mine join Youtube to get in on the contest, but even though she is not very computer or Youtube savvy, and could not pick up on how to post a comment on the actual video once she’d subscribed – she posted a comment on my channel’s wall!  So YAY for her!  And she won a cool gift too!

I’m off to Mammoth mountain tomorrow for a weekend of SUMMER SKIING.




Apparently the drought in California is OVER.  They got 10 inches of snow three weeks ago, and it’s been snowing and in the 30’s there at night ever since!  OY!  Here we go again!

Have a fantabulous weekend my lovelies, and when I am back – you will be treated to a new video.  I promise.  This one will have some more guest stars, with a latin flair (COSTA RICA perhaps?) so you don’t want to miss it!

Love you people!  Mmmmmphhhhuuuuhhhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

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