Ms. Cheevious On the Hunt…

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…for more people in her life that like to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, for more chocolate to eat and fine wine to drink, for more opportunities to travel to interesting and exciting places, for more parties and events with free stuff, for more of that lap of luxury lifestyle she is accustomed to… and of course, Ms. Cheevious is on the hunt every day for MORE WORK.  Or any work will do!

That’s the main reason I’ve not posted in forever.  I am so sorry my pretties.  I know I should be more disciplined and I definitely should not promise content I can’t deliver.  I know I promised oodles of creative entries on the “Desperate Measures” front, and in my defense, I did shoot and record a cute video that would have personified every man (or woman’s) modern-day job hunt hilariously, but as I mentioned on my “author” facebook fan page, the parents of the girl I used vetoed it. HA! Who knew? Actually, as a single mom, I do get it. I use to black out the faces of any pictures I posted online of my kids, because I didn’t approve of putting them up in cyberspace, right there for pedophiles to fantasize about. 

It was a fun little video though, and believe me, I’ve been toying with re-editing it to include only me… 

I just have had NO TIME, literally.  Here’s a quick laundry list of what I’ve been doing:

  1. Las Vegas for Daytime Emmys
  2. Boston for the Fourth of July
  3. Home on a Wednesdaycoincided by a two week visit from my 15 year old son (who lives out of state with his dad).
  4. My Birthday Party on the following weekend.
  5. Entertaining the teenager.
  6. But above all…. that which consumes me night and day:  JOB HUNTING…

It all started back near the end of June.  My boyfriend (M.C. Nugget – and for you newbies, I change the names off all my peeps here to preserve their anonymity, unless of course, they are famous and misbehaving… then I dish it out baby. You can get a list of “aliases” on my “About This Blog” Page) and I traveled to Las Vegas a few weekends back because we had a friend who hooked us up with a virtually FREE room at the Bellagio, and we had a very good friend who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.  We couldn’t miss it, and Nuggie footed the bill (the lovely specimen of male human flesh that he is) – so I was off!

We were home ONE day, and hopped a plane to Boston to visit his family for a week over the Fourth of July.  Boy was it FUN.  That’s where we shot the video for my little “Desperate Measures” series…. the one that got lost on the cutting room floor… ha ha.

Well, from the list above – you know the rest…  It’s been a litlte crazy.  Here is a fun picture of me  at my birthday celebration (which also coincided with my bff’ Sheila’s birthday – so we joined forces and painted the town RED) with just a few too many cocktails in me, and Nuggie – well… the same… ha ha.

MC Nugget and I - A Few Drinks In...  Visit to view

So there you have it lovely ladies and gentlemen.  Fun on the not-so-sunny-these-days coast of Southern California…

I will ABSOLUTELY do a new installment very soon.  Until then: Keep getting up, Keep a good attitude, Keep Eating Chocolate and Drinking Fine Wine (but of course), and Love your People!

Love YOU People!  Mmmmmphhhhuuuhhhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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