It’s gonna get a whole lot tighter





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We’re talking SKIN (and the importance of taking care of it) all this month in honor of #SkinCancerAwareness month; and for one very lucky person, it’s gonna get a WHOLE LOT tighter. Her skin, that is.

Congratulations to SUZANNE (you know who you are) who won the free e-consultation with Merlin Rubin at Lift MD Aesthetics along with skin care products designed for her skin and with her goals in mind!

Here’s how the rundown came out with all the entrants. As you can see, the odds were pretty good, especially considering not too many  entered both here and on youtube (earning them two entries). I’m glad our winner Suzanne went the extra mile!


Skin Care Products Contest Winners 5/15/14

A whopping thanks to all of you who entered. It was a great contest! Hopefully you’re more aware of the harm our skin can suffer from the sun’s ultraviolet rays! If you want to get more crucial tips for preventing or learn how to #SPOTSkinCancer read the posts I wrote on here and on my somewhat normal blog here.

And to you, the winner, Suzanne? Your skin’s gonna love you. Not only that, it’s gonna get a whole lot tighter.


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