A-Muse-Ing in Aspen

Okay kiddies! Here it is – the much anticipated, long-awaited answer to what Lisa Jey Davis – Ms. Cheevious herself chose to “be” on Halloween, and the photos from that crazy night in Aspen to prove it. 

It was loads of fun, I have to say, though probably wouldn’t really qualify as an adventure in many circles, as I was home and ready for bed before midnight!  (Gasp) 

I’m sure the midnight oil was burning hot for most people in town that night, but I found myself quite satisfied with myself and very ready to head home (along with my other crazy friends, I might add) earlier than anticipated. 

But why continue to bore you with the details of what time I turned into a pumpkin?  I’ll get on with the most important thing – the very news item you’ve all been waiting for: 

What costume did I decide to wear this year for Halloween, (since the Guinavere costume was sooooo three years ago)?!!! 

Okay – okay, I was one of the nine daughters of Zeus.  You know, the Greek god?  I was Calliope – chief of all muses.  Calliope was responsible for inspiring epic event poetry and such.  Sounds fitting, right?  Everyone knows I write such epic, serious treatises on world events — like my halloween costume.

If you read my entry last week, Seeking Inspiration, perhaps you also saw the comment by a friend “A”  – the one who so cleverly suggested I dress as a MUSE, after reading my last comment to everyone “Will you be my muse?”  Ah, A is a clever one, indeed.  She even went so far as to offer the 4-1-1 on the muses, themselves: 

Muse = Goddess of Art:
in Greek mythology, one of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. The Muses inspired and presided over the creative arts. They were Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania, responsible for epic poetry, history, love poetry, lyric poetry, tragedy, sacred song, dance, comedy, and astronomy, respectively.

Needless to say, I prodded “A” to come along with me on my A-Muse-ing journey, Halloween night, and thank goodness, she agreed.  We got together the night before and put everything together.  YEP – HAND MADE costumes.  They ROCKED too! 

So here they are – enjoy the photos! 

Me (Calliope), Julius Caesar (of course) & “A” (Erato, because she was feeling so Amore) – that wrap on Erato is PINK FUR… SOOOO COOL!  It’s for sale for $500, if anyone wants it.  ha ha
Erato & Trinity, plotting to kick some ASS!
Calliope & Erato get a little NUTTY
Me and the female TIN-MAN, or TIN GIRL, I should say


Hot Mermaid & Pirate

Aspen Airlines Big Boobed Flight Attendants

An ALL-TOO-FAMILIAR Construction Zone – complete with cones and streetwalkers

Old Lady Gertrude or Gladys, or something, the Mod-Squad Dude, and a Giesha – this was the rest of our gang that night!

Crazy neon dude, on the move!!

Me & a very young Gilligan!!!

And the night wouldn’t be complete without a butt grab of an unsuspecting Teletubby, minding his own business. POOR TELETUBBY. 

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