Why is Your Hair Blonde?

You asked, and I’m here to answer.  Enjoy this little doozy episode of “Ask Ms. Cheevious” where subscriber CM asked “Ms. Cheevious: Why is Your Hair Blonde?”

You KNOW that was all I needed to go off.  Please leave any questions you have for Ms. Cheevious in the comments below, or on YouTube.

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I look forward to answering your lovely posts!

Have a beautiful week everyone!

Love you people!!!! Mmmmppphhhuuuuhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious

Editor in (Mis) Chief


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10 Responses to “Why is Your Hair Blonde?”

  1. Marissa

    Ha! Yeah… “my freakin’ dark scary roots!” Rocked that at the very end!

  2. Ldrierson

    Lol…all the zany, off the wall stuff you do and have goin on, that’s what people wanna know??? You were born blonde baby, and I see no problem wantin to go out that way!!! Leave the silly questions alone and get to the more juicy stuff, that’s what your peeps want girl!!!
    Love, peace…Laura

    • Ms. Cheevious

      haha – right? i do have some whacky shit going on… so where are YOUR questions for Ask Ms. Cheevious GF? I’m glad CM sent me one so I could make a fun video! :) THANK you for watching and commenting though lovey! xo

  3. Georginna Sams

    TOWHEAD — “.is a person — usually a young person — who has very blond hair, almost flaxen or pale yellow. ‘Tow’ has for centuries been used as a name for flax or hemp prepared for spinning.”

    According to the “Associated Press Stylebook,” “blond” is used as a noun for males and as an adjective for all applications. “Blonde” is the noun for a woman with blond hair.

    • Ms. Cheevious

      Georginna! I thought it was so FUN that they even asked… hell no one asks me anything – so I was fine with it… and really just had a ton of fun with it! HAHA But THANK you so much for the comment. My sissy said TOE head was because it was white like a POTA-TOE… so short for Potatoe head. Either way – I was one! LOL

  4. Eaeme

    This answer is a reprise of the earlier “Make-up” article, that dealt with enhancement and blemish. The blemish at hand of course is A-G-I-N-G the eventual scourge of us all. We who can, grasp with whatever available grip to recall or imitate the appearance, strength, and health of youth. Makes us feel better. I don’t know if we are fooling anybody. You keep it up, you’re my heroine! Miss you.


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