What to Do About What They Didn’t Teach You In School

I apologize that I am starting your week off with this piece of news – especially since now that Easter and Passover is finished, we are happily diving in to Spring… but – well – You are getting older.

Yep. It’s true. No one gets out of this thing without getting older and aging.
I know. Yawwwwwn.

I’ve already heard from the peanut gallery:  “But Ms. Cheevious… we want to hear about something fun that you did in Hollywood!!!”  and “When will you be the same funny blogger we have come to know, love, worship and obey?”

I know.


Indulge me while I share this important information. I realize that the “Lisa Jey Davis” side of me is not as fun ALL THE DAMN TIME as the Ms. Cheevious side of me, but you would never know just how fun life could be, if you were never faced with real-life shit some of the time. Right?

Just because I’m talking about getting older here does not mean this post is not for you, or that it’s boring, no.  I don’t care how you size it up, but I am never boring.  Slow? Maybe. Blond and ditzy at times?  Definitely.  Boring? No. Nada. Niet. Never.

The truth is, if you are a SMART young thing, you’ll pay attention to this, so that you will still manage to be HOT, GORGEOUS, HEALTHY and FUN when you DO get older… like forty years from now. So listen up.

Last week, I talked about all those things that start happening when you get older and start to go through menopause (from here on out, called Orchids). Similar to puberty (now called Daisies), you’ll start to have some erratic mood swings and acne breakouts.  You’ll suffer water retention and weight gain (particularly if you do hormone replacement therapy) and your hair and skin will change texture and consistency. BLECH!!!  I know.  And the worst of it?  You could be at risk for dementia! So here is what you can do. Watch the video below. It will answer all of your questions. Be sure to post comments below, and if you have any remaining questions, I will be sure to answer them (just make sure you request to be notified when your comments are posted or you’ll have to keep checking back).

If your browser won’t show you the above video, then watch it here.

Tune in next time for Things Guys Secretly Wish About Women.

Love you people!!!!!!! Mmmmphhhhuuuhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious

PS) Please check out and comment on the related vlog on YouTube here if you’d like.

*This youtube channel is NOT to be confused with my Ms. Cheevious channel, which has more comedic funny videos.  You will be visiting the Lisa Jey Davis vlog channel if you follow the above link to YouTube.


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11 Responses to “What to Do About What They Didn’t Teach You In School”

  1. Kelly Ellzey

    Yeah tell it like it is Sista! Bottom line, as you get older you have to be a lot more conscious and you have to put in more work on yourself. Great points!

  2. James

    Me? Get older? Yeah right lol. I’m going to be 30 forever! Wait…when did I turn 30?!

  3. J. Allen Matchmaking

    So sad that it’s our bodies that are aging, not our spirits (although many act old if they let it bring them down). Yup, all those teenage years in the sun are regretted now ! It’s a bummer to age, but it’s all in your attitude.

  4. sassydivorcee

    So THAT’s why I don’t remember having to get a mega pushup bra the last time I was single…I was 20!!!

    Sorry I can’t write more now…I’ve gotta go call my derm about a botox appt!

    LOL! See humor! Keeping me young one self-depreciating joke at a time! 😉

  5. AccordingtoJewels

    I’m pretty sure you are my twin sister…who looks nothing like me, isn’t related to me at all, and probably lives nowhere near me. lol I am in the middle of a post that is a letter to my body. Why the hell were the women in my life SO evil that they chose NOT to tell me that your body starts going downhill at 30 and that shit just CHANGES on you…like overnight? Ugh. Love this post and all so true. :) Another winner.

    • Ms. Cheevious

      yeah.. i’m currently in my Ms. Cheevious lab developing a transporter to the after life so I can at least go and bitch-slap some people who failed to tell me some things. LOL xoxo – thanks Jewels! XOXO


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