This means war

This is all about music. Get ready to be schooled on some old, great music, people.

Saturday night M.C. Nugget took me to the Greek to see a few bands… a couple of latin groups, one called Malo, another called Tiera (they were famous for “Together Baby”), Los Lonely Boys and the headliner, a band called War.

Get Me To The Greek and Take Me Back Stage

Our next door neighbor is the road manager for the band War, and he HOOKED US UP. We had hospitality suite passes and some of the best seats EVER.

We were totally clueless as to the first two acts, Malo and Tiera, but if drinking Pina Coladas and lying on a beach somewhere appeals to you, chances are you’d love this music.

So, Nuggie and I and our white bred, blonde haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned selves, were sitting in the BEST.SEATS.EVER, and I struck up a conversation with the guy next to us.

He looked at me, looked at Nuggie, and obviously confused, asked, “So….. who are you hear to listen to?”

I totally understood. Nuggie and I stood out in the crowd. You could probably see our blonde hair from space in that crowd… but I chuckled.

(Besides, if you read my book, you know I’m from New Mexico – where situations like this are the norm. Being the only huera among Latinos happened on a regular basis there, and it’s quite comfortable to me. These are my people, people!).

I explained how we came to hear the band, War, and Los Lonely Boys, but we’d never heard of the other two bands.

We danced and sang to the music of each of these talented musicians, and we had a blast.

The the guy next to us said, “So, what’s your favorite WAR song?”

To which I replied in song… “FIRE! DUH-DUH-DUH!! FIRE!!!”

The guy busted up laughing and said “That is NOT by War! That’s the Ohio Players…”

I laughed, and was a little taken off guard, because I usually know my music, but I’ve confused this song for War in the past. So, I asked, laughing, “Wait!! Then what is one of their famous songs?”

“Uh… CISCO KID?” he laughed.




Ah, that explains it….



Tomato, Tomahto.




But listen to these. They could be the same band. SWEAR.TO.GOD.

Here is FIRE (a remix) by The Ohio Players (link in case it’s not displaying below –



Here is CISCO KID by War, for your listening pleasure (here is their link, in case it’s not displaying



And now… check out these other bands that opened for War. I bet you never knew who they were. And… YOU’RE WELCOME.


HOW FAR IS HEAVEN by Los Lonely Boys (did you know that guy can PLAY the GUITAR???) (link in case it’s not displaying –



SUAVECITO by Malo (if it’s not displaying below, click here:



And, TOGETHER by Tiera (if it’s not displaying, check it out here:



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