Techno Babe Moments: The Samsung WB150F – A Hi-Def Digital Camera with Wifi

Do you remember my first ever “Techno Babe Moments” people? It was a review of the bug app – “Anti Mostique.” Ah those were the days, back when my techno babe moments were simple. But I liked what I said in that first-ever blog post, so here it is again:

The cool thing about MY techno-babe moments is that they will strip away the fear and mystique from such Techy acronyms as U-R-L, and bring the TRUE meaning of “I need more RAM” into focus.  I’ll make it so simple, even your granny who still swears by the paper-back version of her yellow pages, will become a techno babe!  It’s true.  My techno babe moments do NOT discriminate.

This time I reviewed the SAMSUNG WB150F, one of the few digital cameras on the market that also has WIFI (and upload to Facebook, etc) capabilities. I loved the idea of this camera, because often when I am out and about, there are moments I want to capture and share on Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / YouNameIt. Many times my cell phone just won’t do the trick (it’s too dark, far away, etc.). I’ve longed for a high def, high mega pixel camera with wifi that could upload directly to all of the social sites or email directly to friends. Watch the review to see what I discovered. Pay attention all the way to the end. My rating system is TRULY mischievous (here is a tidbit only you readers are privvy to: My rating system will change depending on what I fancy that day. You’ll know what I mean by watching).

Without further adieu, here is the latest edition of TECHNO BABE MOMENTS. Please watch and post your comments below (here)  or on the YouTube video (anyone with a google or GMAIL account can post comments on YouTube easily) – or hey, maybe BOTH.

(If you are viewing this via EMAIL, and cannot see the video box above, click here to watch the video on the blog, or here to see it directly on YouTube).

Stay tuned next time for an article about those times when you can use such phrases as “There is a fungus among us” and MEAN it.

Enjoy Every Moment my lovelies.

Love you people!!!! Mmmphhhuuuhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious

Editor in (Mis) Chief


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25 Responses to “Techno Babe Moments: The Samsung WB150F – A Hi-Def Digital Camera with Wifi”

  1. tom

    That’s a rough review…. NO VODKA!! Time to take that camera off the market!

    • Ms. Cheevious

      yes Maybelle, it does. Thanks for noticing! LOL. Yes. I just got a new camera – once again got sold on something other than my SONY. Can you believe it? Another one? I got a point and click canon. :)

  2. Single Dating Diva

    Great review … I’m so technically challenged that if it’s not one button then you’ve lost me already!! So I appreciate stuff like this … this is one I won’t be using!

  3. Bailey

    I love the vodka rating and I will not use a camera that does not earn it’s own vodka. Is the one you picked able to point click and upload wirelessly? I need a new camera and will be taking these tidbits to the store with me. Think how fun it will be to ask the salesperson which camera has earned the most vodka?

    • Ms. Cheevious

      Ms. Bailey – thank you for that comment. FINALLY! Someone appreciates my techno-expertise! I can’t wait to hear how your camera shopping went after asking for the camera with the highest VODKA rating LOL!!

  4. Eaeme

    As it turns out I really do need a new camera, but the generic term “Sony Cyber-shot” isn’t specific. Models run from $109 (Target’s cheapest on line purchase) to $650 (the DSC-RX100, called ‘Best premium pocket camera’ by PC World, 0ct 2012, pg 72). Among all the Cyber-shot choices, which one would you buy this week?

    • Ms. Cheevious

      Eaeme: I would buy the middle of the road one. I think there is one that has 14x optic zoom capability and is about 14 or 16 mega pixels… I would go with that. I did NOT buy the Cyber shot, however. I was going to, but they didn’t have the one I wanted with good optic zoom, so I bought a Canon PowerShot Elph 110 HS (remember the other camera I use – the professional grade camera – is a canon 7d). I’m not sure on the images as of yet, but i absolutely LOVE the video on this one! It may even be better than the 7d… which is SAD!

      • Eaeme

        Bought the Sony DSC-HX 200V 30x optic zoom, 16mb pixel and a long list of 5-star reviews. $409 thru Amazon, no shipping fee. Don’t really need it till end of Oct when we go thru Panama Canal on cruise.

        • Ms. Cheevious

          That’s awesome Eame! Do me a favor and let SONY know you bought it because of me. I think they owe me something. LOL

  5. Cinta García

    That would be a wicked camera for me! However, taking into account how useless I am for understanding techy things, I think I will stick to my own, which is very easy to use LOL

  6. Elise Stokes

    Great video and good to know. I’m with you. If I have to fiddle with it to make it work, FORGET it. Thanks, Ms. Cheevious. :)

  7. Alle Wells

    Great info for the techno-challenged! Thanks, Ms. Cheevious!

  8. writinggroove

    I LOVE your blog – the supporters in the background are great! Cool idead you have here. PS – this is a very old photo (I’m RedMojoMama elsewhere!


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