Take Care of YOU – 5 Things You Can Do For a Better You

Ahhh.  The way to a better YOU.  We ALL need this information, trust me. Our planet is getting so stinkin’ toxic, I’m surprised we aren’t all glowing (and I don’t mean the good kind of glow that they say about brides.  I’m talking the nuclear reactor kind of glow).

To be clear, I am a student in this matter. So, under no circumstances am I claiming to be an expert in the field of health and wellness, and if you do these things and get sick, well – I’m not GOD people!  Just sayin’. But I’m still smart. So, listen up. Here’s another component of this post:

When you don’t feel well, get help, would you?

Here are some examples (not to be taken literally) of what I’m talking about when I say “don’t feel well”:

  • You’ve been feeling a little congested, and then you wake up one morning with a scratchy throat, OR
  • Your knee hurts off and on.  Not all the time, but it regularly bothers you and inhibits your from doing some of the things you like to do, OR
  • Your other knee hurts when the first one stops hurting, OR
  • You have a back ache, OR
  • Geez.  How many examples do you need?

I don’t know what it is people, but for some reason we put off seeking medical attention, or even health attention (massages, dentists, eye doctors, chiropractors, etc..).  We’ll go for weeks on end kvetching about our aches and pains, and suffer through it, but we just won’t make the call and make an appointment.

I did this recently, myself.  My back was hurting.  BAD.

I don’t get “back aches.” This was a new one for me.  I had one in the past, and went through weeks of chiropractic therapy after a car accident, so when I got my recent back ache, I was nervous.  I stopped working out for fear of further damaging my back or something else, or worse, not being able to do the workout because it hurt too much, thus wasting my time.  I wasn’t sleeping well because of the throbbing, and I took way too many prescription ibuprofen pills (which I had left-over from my surgery). Needless to say, I was doing that thing.  That thing I just talked about at the beginning.  I suffered for two weeks without making the call or making the appointment. Talk about loss of TIME.

Then I finally went in to my chiropracter and was whipped into shape (no pun intended – get it? Whip-lash? Whipped into shape by my chiropractor? Anyway.) within a matter of about two minutes. I’m not kidding. I talk about this in my related vlog “Take Care of You – Enjoy Every Day with Lisa Jey.”

And though I may not be an expert in health and wellness, I do consider myself to be an expert pamperer of myself, indulging in far too many — “indulgences” — often, and well – you get the idea.

Basically, I like to eat bonbons, and preferably hand-fed or served to me by hot, ripped men in boxer briefs.

So here’s the deal.  We are all like this.  We all procrastinate getting help with something, even to the point of inconvenience (my back ache was inconveniencing me all over the place… making working out, sleeping and so much else muddled if existent at all), so why even let it get to that point?  Let’s just take care of US, and be BETTER all around!

Mark my words, if we actually DO these five things, we’ll find ourselves much less inconvenienced, and far happier, healthier people who feel GOOD… basically BETTER.

5 Things You Can Do for a Better You

1.  Take a bath. Often. I’m not talking about the “quick bath to get cleaned up” kind of bath.  I’m talking about the “lady of leisure-luxurious lifestyle-bath salts or bath oils” kind. The kind that takes about an hour. DO IT.

2. Read something old fashioned. Sit away from the computer, in a quiet place, once a day and read something that is written by hand or typed on this stuff we call “paper”.  Anything.  Your favorite news paper (mine is the New York Observer), a stack of your old poetry or journals from years ago, a favorite magazine (one of mine is “Esquire”), even a guilty-pleasure-Harlequin Romance.  I don’t care what it is.  Just do it.

3. Get Active. Do something active at least three times a week.  Walk, park far away at the mall (so you have to walk more), take three different trips up the stairs to the same office appointment… just for the heck of it, or gee – maybe – – GO TO THE GYM?  But get active and get the endorphins going in your bod.

4. Get Outta Here. Get outside when the weather is nice.  This means you will have to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER once again.  But that’s a good thing.  Even if it means driving someplace with the windows open in the car, or the top down.  Let the SUN shine down on you.  The sun actually causes us to access those endorphin thingy-ma-jigs…

5. Get GOOD sleep. If you must, take some Benadryl or something holistic like melatonin to help you, but get a GOOD night’s sleep REGULARLY. Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of illness. If you don’t take care of the sleep thing, and you get sick, don’t come crying to me.  You have been warned.

There.  That wasn’t so hard.  Now you are already on your way to a BETTER you.

PFFFAWWW.  As IF you needed to get any better.

And, if you do all these things and still get sick, or injured or an ailment?  Well then, GO SEE SOMEONE, geez.  That’s takes us right back to where we started from, now doesn’t it?

Love you people!!!!!!! Mmmmphhhhuuuhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious

PS) Please check out and comment on my related vlog here.


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13 Responses to “Take Care of YOU – 5 Things You Can Do For a Better You”

  1. Marlin

    That list is just silly. No one gets better just from taking baths and reading magazines. What a serious waste of time.

  2. MsCheevious

    @Marlin! I LOVE YOU!!! FINALLY – my first mean and grumpy comment! LOL. You obviously don’t get the whole idea behind Ms. Cheevious. All things should be read with discretion and taken at times, with a huge grain of salt (and maybe even a shot of tequila). Thanks for gracing us with your thoughts. We’ll be sure to talk about them behind your back, and geez, perhaps we’ll even coin a phrase after you “don’t do a Marlin” —

  3. Judy Sherwood

    Alright already! Geeez, you have to do a Blog to get my attention? I have been dealing with this freaking knee injury for way too long. So maybe it is time for an MRI? :P~~~~~ Btw. Who is the hottie 😉

    • MsCheevious

      oooh Judy – you are a brave one revealing yourself in my blog! HA HA. The hottie is no one I know… just a random picture I found online, and unfortunately I cannot remember the site I found it at, or I would credit it! I’m GLAD you are getting that MRI FINALLY! :)

  4. M.C. Nugg

    I have done ALL THESE THINGS….
    Ok not so many baths but I feel GREAT. Good advice Ms. Cheevious!

  5. Kelly

    Wow. I suck at almost all of your suggestions – and I’m definitely the one who does anything to avoid the doctor. I’m a terrible patient!
    Let’s see…long hot bath…almost never.
    Getting active – I’m pretty good in that department. I try to run, walk or do yoga every day.
    Reading a book. I try to do that every day for a min. of 30 min.
    Getting sleep – GUILTY! I’ve always been a light sleeper and the older I get the worse it seems to get. Ugh!
    It seems like with everything else we are trying to do, taking time for these things is easy to get shoved last – but you are right, we should make loving ourselves more of a priority!

  6. MsCheevious

    @Kelly – well, you’ve got most of it DOWN. I tried so hard today to go to yoga and believe it or not there was not a single parking space… it was just the universe telling me to move along, I suppose, but I was sort of excited to get there. And the reading 30 mins a day. Now that’s even better than I suggested. I figure if people just step away from electronics for about 10 mins they’re good. Help yourself in the sleep area. You may have to document what you eat / drink etc… to know what will help best, but you’ll be glad you did!

  7. Marrie

    Simple, fantastic, and completely necessary. It can be so hard to carve the time to take care of yourself; I try but I’m afraid not all together successful. Not big into baths but I do treat myself to a disgustingly long shower a couple times a week; commandeering ALL the hot water!
    Of all the things on your list I think sleep is the most important but the most allusive…one of these day I hope to catch -up!

  8. MsCheevious

    @Marrie – you are so right. Sleep – as a few have mentioned, is the most difficult to control – but oh so important. Anyway… those long hot showers are good too. Keep it up! xo

  9. Angie

    I still can’t believe that was your first grumpy comment! I think that’s pretty good. I’ve been reduced to tears!!! Lol but then I washed my ass several times, read some Jane Austin, slept for 8hrs a night, took a vacay, and joined the gym! Then I was better!!! Lol! Great list! I think I do a pretty good job of taking care of me bc I have learned how important it is. And it really is in those small things u just said! Really it is. Grumpy comment guy oughtta try it!


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