Selfish “Finds” To Get You Through The Holiday

Just a quickie… but thought I’d share some of my little secrets (and interesting tidbits) for staying energized, looking younger , keeping in shape, and — well — not sucking over the holidays.



1. Mobile Blood Pressure Checker – the computer mouse that is a blood pressure monitor! When you’re online freaking out about gifts arriving on time, you can rest assured you are able to continue in the frenzy without having a heart attack! This little baby will warn you if you’re getting too tense – so you can STEP – AWAY – FROM – THE  – COMPUTER for a while!

2. Better Oats – Oat Fit – Yummy oatmeal that tastes like pancakes or cinamon rolls and only 100 calories! WOO HOO! I add fresh fruit and nuts when I’m feeling generous in my diet…

3. Eye Care.  We ALL need a little sumthin-sumthin to avoid those LINES over the holidays, right?!  Well, I use an incredible eye treatment (and skin care) by an awesome company “esente” – if you check out their website, the founder Victoria Nash is on the home page.  She’s never had surgery and she has 10  (count ’em, TEN) grandchildren! She developed these all natural (no filler) products.  Try them! You’ll like them.  For the eyes, I specifically recommend the Defining Eye Silk (oh my god, your eyes will FEEL ten years younger, even if they aren’t).

There ya go people.  Go get ’em.  Stay tuned for my blog entitled “The Day I Worked For Food“.  It’ll warm your heart and remind you of what really matters in life — something you may need after THIS completely and utterly selfishly minded post!  HA!

Have a fantastic day my lovely adventurers!

Love you people! Mmmmmmmphhhhuuuhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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