Post-Post-Posting On Heaven’s Wall

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Yesterday I was doing some work on my laptop at the kitchen counter in my mom’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As I sat typing away, she lay in her hospital bed, waiting for her body to finally let go of life, and allow her to rest.

Since my mom’s stroke, I’d been thinking a lot about my dad…  how I wished I could just talk to him.  I didn’t really have very much time with my dad.  He died when I was 23 — barely an adult, really.  So, I never felt like I really KNEW him… or that we really bonded.  And now, with mom on her death bed, I definitely realize how much I am going to miss her — something I was not so keenly aware of with my dad.  Sure I loved him and hated to see him go. Sure, I think of him, but they are just images mostly. I don’t have that almost tactile feeling of sadness when I think of my dad, or even the loving fondness that comes from having depth in a relationship. 

So as I sat there, worried about my mom, and how I would miss her deeply,  it was only natural for me to feel that I should somehow miss my dad to the same degree…  it was only fair.  And yesterday, as I sat there thinking about all of this, I just knew that talking to my dad again would solve that.  We would bond, talk about what he’s been up to since I was 23, and when our talk was over, I would truly miss my dad just as much as I knew I was going to miss my mom.  Sound strange?  It does to me!  HA!  But alas, I never promised SANITY in here people – entertainment, mixed with a little spice here and there, maybe, but sanity, never! CRAZINESS is more the order of the day here!

Then I signed onto Facebook.  I had many people to communicate with — all my wonderful well-wishers, and such. As I perused my home page, I was struck by something I found very odd.  People were jumping into their friend’s wall posts and status updates to communicate something completely unrelated.  One friend posted something about the pies she was baking, and someone commented on it, “Hey!  When are we going for that bike ride?” and so on.  It was remarkable to me the number of people who were just plain LAZY on Facebook.  Of all people, I realized how much time it could take to go to each person’s page and post on their wall, or to manually send them messages… especially if there were a good number of people to connect with, as in my case.  But I decided right then and there I was not going to “piggy back” on other people’s posts to get my thank you’s or comments over to my friends.  They’d been way too supportive during all this stress and sadness over my mom.  I just couldn’t handle sending a blanket thank you on my wall.  They deserved individual responses.  So I spent the next several hours doing just that.

Later on… away from my computer… as I was about to walk into my mom’s hospital room, my cell phone rang.  It was a blocked call, but since I was in Albuquerque I took the call. 

“Lisa J. Davis?” the sweet voice said.

“Yes?” I replied.

“This is Heaven calling, and I’ve got your dad on the line. He’d like to talk to you.”

“What?  Is this some kind of joke?” I said, as I started toward my mom’s door.

“No ma’am,” she said joyfully, “We’ve seen your wall posts on Facebook, and we think it’s a good thing that you did today.  We decided to answer your prayer about talking to your dad.  We think it’s something that will do some good, and we wanted to reward you for doing the right thing on Facebook.”

“Really?” I exclaimed, “That’s fantastic!” I walked into my mom’s room and said, “Mom!  I’ve got DAD on the line!  He wants to talk to us!”

And then I woke up.  Yup.  I even DREAM in Facebook.  Oh, but what a fantastic dream.

But there are a few lessons to the story, I suppose: 

1) Watch what you post on Facebook. If you play your cards right, you may get an answer to prayer! Ha ha!

2) Facebook has some MAJORLY AWESOME PROGRAMMERS working for them, dude!  They’ve got a direct connection to HEAVEN!

3) Your prayers can be answered over the phone, via AT&T!

4) I probably spend WAYYY too much time on Facebook, thus the DREAM about it!

Have a dreamy weekend my beautiful, NON-LAZY Facebooking friends!

Love you people! Mmmmmmphhhuuuuhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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