On Thinking Big & Making Things Happen

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly, knows that I refuse to listen to the crazy voices.

I know, I know.  I do have some crazy voices in my head, it’s true.  We’ve all seen what they can do.


If you are new here, I’m so very sorry…

Sorry it’s taken you so long to find us, that is (bah-dah-bum).

Seriously, though, we are FUN. Not only that, we are smart, witty, and we have lots to say.  And by we, of course, I mean me.  I AM the Queen after all, and working my HRH, group-speak on ya’ll.

Well, sometimes I think I am a group. Trust me – or — well —- trust us.  We’ve got a LOT going on with all these voices in our head.

But I digress.

I’m actually speaking of the crazy voices out THERE.  Out there in the ether – in the universe – swirling around us, in the background, in our faces, in our ears, all around us – telling us to WORRY – to be AFRAID – to be DEPRESSED – to “hold on to our money, because everything is going to hell in a hand basket” (wow! where’d that one come from?  I just pulled that one outta nowhere)!

I refuse to allow those voices (about how the economy “sucks,” the job market “sucks,” the housing market “sucks,” and how people “just aren’t spending”) to influence me.  I just will not participate.   You want to know how to do that don’t you?

Keep reading, slick.

Are you thinking that you might lose your job if you aren’t careful?  Well, STOP thinking that, ya big dope! DO a GOOD JOB and make yourself invaluable! That’s all you can do.

Are you feeling bad for friends and family because they are suffering financially, and depressed?  SO, STOP FEELING BAD!

How about if you and your kids go over and clean up your friend’s or family’s house or do their laundry?  Or maybe even bake them some cookies.  It won’t pay their electric bill, but it will lift their spirits, and put them in a better mental position to pick themselves back up!

It will also help your kids learn a valuable lesson about taking care of the people in their community or inner circle.

If you don’t have kids, borrow someone’s.  God knows most kids out there could use an influential experience like that.

I tell ya, a kind gesture (dinner and a bottle of wine at your house – especially at a time when you may not be positive of your own future) goes a LOOOONG way.  Way more than feeling badly for them, and creating the potential for it to bring you down in the process.

You’ve heard the axiom used many times before, in many ways:

Worry begets worry.

Fear begets fear.

Sadness begets sadness.

Well, guess what?  It works the other way too:

Money begets money.

Laughter begets laughter.

Positive Energy begets positive energy.

Work begets work.

You get the idea.

Many of you know that I own a business.  I recently dealt with a client undergoing serious cut-backs.  This caused me to have to cut back as well.  It’s the nature of the beast (cut-backs beget cut-backs, I suppose).

In spite of it all, however, I refused to believe that all was lost, everything was over, and now I’d become just one more cog in the wheel of this juggernaut of a bad economy.  And I still don’t believe it.  Not one iota of it.  Not only do I not believe it – I don’t act like it’s true. Quite the contrary, actually.

That doesn’t mean I blindly flounce around, spending money as if the same amounts of money magically appear into my bank account every day, just as they did in the past.  I’m not THAT whacky.  You’ve got to be intelligent, think ahead, and spend accordingly. That’s always true.

And I’m also not saying it’s just simple and easy-breezy for me to remain positive and act accordingly.  It’s been a tough road lately – that is for sure.  The negative voices are so very loud.

But when people ask how things are, the truth is – and I tell them: “They are FANTASTIC. I love what I do, and I am still doing it! I am so lucky!”

And I have never doubted the unwavering fact that I am GOOD at what I do, and there are hundreds — no — thousands of people and businesses out there just waiting for a business like mine to come along and make their businesses and careers ROCK.  It is only a matter of time before we find each other.

Then today something happened to only further solidify my resolve.  I got the call about a new account.  One that will make me very busy, and has potential for much more.  This, on top of many other things that are spinning and fermenting, and just about ready to — POP!!  Did I mix metaphors there?

The point is, these are GOOD things, people!

Don’t you see?  It’s that whole thing – “You are what you think.”  If you think you will fail, then you already have.  If you really truly think, and believe, and cannot be convinced otherwise – that you have it in you to be BIG and make things happen, then that wheel has already started rolling, babe.  It’s only a matter of time before that seed starts to grow.  It’s also a matter of you intending it to happen and staying focused on it.  That’s what yogi’s mean when they speak of their “intentions.”  It’s not some plan they are secretly plotting and devising.  “Intentions” really means what they elude to – when used by you or me, or anyone else, it is what we INTEND to happen.

So INTEND some great things your way, would you?  Stay focused.  Like a Bulldog, baby.  Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING deter you. Get one wheel rolling first.

Then get lots of wheels rolling.  Great big things will start to happen for you!

I’ve soooo got to run now peeps!  I’ve got clients to take care of, interviews to book, and all kinds of things steam rolling their way into my life.  Tune in next week!  I’ll dish on some fantastic Hollywood events and gatherings I’m attending!

Love you people! Mmmmmppphhuuuhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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