No News IS Good.

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When I catch up with friends, I like to hear their “new” news. It signifies that things are movin’ and shakin’ and people in my life are making things happen.

In that sense, of course, I assume the reverse is true as well. My peeps want to hear the new juice – the new gossip – when they catch up with me.  After a while, I think hearing the same old things just gets boring and can be such a BUMMER (no matter how great things are — even hearing about that next fantastic thing that happens to a person, in a string of five-thousand other fantastic things – well it just gets dull – ya know? I like texture people – and the same ole-same ole is dull no matter how it affects your world.  Now, if you have a string of five thousand FANTASTIC things going on, then tell me what new insights you have gained or new ideas you have formulated. THEN you’ve got my attention.  Kapisch?)

Lately people, my emotional and day-to-day life’s been so much of a broken record I’m tired of recounting it and trying to discover new and creative ways of stating it differently. And let me tell you, it greatly affects my ability to get jazzed about much and severely impairs my ability to develop new insights or ideas.  All the things I’ve talked about over recent months – recovering my business from the downturn anyway possible, the struggles through other personal traumas and loss, etc. etc. etc. It just gets exhausting — and — well…. OLD.

So, I’m here to say I don’t have any news.  And THAT my friends is GOOD.   

I will end today’s post with a list of things I am so happy and grateful for. Because that’s just the kinda gal I am.

1. My two kids – they are so awesome, and bring joy to my life. Joy, that is impossible to describe or express in words.

2. My family — the time I’ve been able to spend with them, albeit under very sad circumstances. And with the loss of our mother, loss of our sister, and other turmoil – they still keep going strong, remaining positive and pushing through. They are all an inspiration.

3. My boyfriend – M.C. Nugget – who has turned out to be such an incredible friend and partner.  We get things done together – and we spend tons of time together – laughing, crying (mostly me, actually, unless I surprise him with something he really loves – which I absolutely LOVE to do – then he just weeps tears of joy) – but lateley it seems more often than not, we rummage through the mess that remains at the end of a catastrophe together – and yet somehow we still maintain our hope for the future, positive attitude, zest for life and our own individuality – it is very good.

4. My career choices – I love PR and Marketing and I am good at it. I am grateful that I actually DO know what I am doing, and I conduct business honestly and without pie-in-the-sky promises. I am real and I get things done. I am grateful for that career choice. And I am grateful for finally going out there and getting certified to teach my very FAVORITE form of exercise – SPX Fitness! WAHOO!

5. Finally seeing the west coast of California by car – as well as so many beautiful places I’d never been – like Hearst Castle – alongside my love, Nuggie, who was also my tour guide.  That was just last week – and stay tuned soon for a video and/or photo blog!

6. My ability to create and see the fruits of unending possibilities. We do create our lives each and every day.  As a matter of fact, we have, each of us, put an inordinate amount of time into creating everything in our lives in this very moment.  I’m creating an ooie-gooey chocolate brownie with pecans right about now!  ha ha.  Just kidding.

7.  YOU.  People who read, are intelligent, have a voice, and express it.  Love you people!

8. My country.  I get to say and write about whatever the hell I want, and that is a fantastic outlet! 

9. Food, Booze, Sex, Parties, Fun Events, Stilettos, Sunscreen, Makeup, Fashion, Travel, Adventure, Good Hair Days. (What?  You didn’t think I’d let those slip through did ya?)

Now go out and create a REALLY GREAT DAY for yourself, would ya?  Don’t worry about anyone else’s day – just yours.  I am off to New Mexico to sing with my three sisters and Maven’s daughter at Maven’s memorial service.  I miss her so very much – but I am grateful for the imprint she left on all of us – but mostly for that which remains of her on me.



Ms. Cheevious


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