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Thursday was a BIG day for me. I met some of my all-time BFF chick friends for the first time in real life (we call that #IRL in cyberspace). We met for dinner and this is the proof:

Finally meeting in real life!

This is what has become of us, people. We have friends, followers and minions via the world wide web. Most of those people only see a dim view of our real selves and most people are content to keep it that way. But really, that’s what makes virtual relationships golden: we have the ability to present the perfect picture to our online friends, as well as the ability to turn off, un-follow, un-friend anyone who gets too close, or just too freaking batshit crazy.

Now, I on the other hand am ME, online and in person. THIS TAKES GUTS (that, or no moral compass or ability to make cogent, wise decisions). These girls are authentically them, also, and I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!

We’ve been virtual friends for quite some time. It’s been a slow and steady courtship, however. We’ve collaborated on projects like #DatingChat on Twitter, and toyed with doing Skype or Google Hangout Chats (if only Dirty In Public wasn’t based in Timbuk-No-Signal), and we visit each other’s blogs to show some love now and then too.

It’s been something like four + years, I believe. It began when I stumbled upon Dirty’s fantastic twitter profile:


And since the computer geek gods haven’t figured everything out, you probably can’t see what’s above if you’re viewing this via RSS or email. So,  here something pretty to look at (and you can click to follow if you so desire):

Dirty in Public Twitter


That virtual relationship grew and Ms. Dirty Girl introduced me to a gaggle of various other dating and relationship bloggers. Many of them have come and gone, but the two that remain steady are Marrie Lobel of Dirty in Public and Suzie of Single Dating Diva.  Here is Suzie’s Twitter profile:




Single Dating Diva on Twitter


I’ve been spending some time with these girls, and let me tell you something: THESE GIRLS ALMOST OUTDO ME in the fun, laughs and good times department.

I know. Hard to believe.

This got me thinking. It’s interesting the zany (and a little scary) world we live in today, where we meet and develop friendships with people virtually, more easily and more often than we do so in real life. What’s even scarier is that most kids today do not see this as unusual. To them, THIS IS NORMAL. But to us, THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL (tweet that here if you like)

Hey, I’m not knocking it. I met Marrie and Suzie didn’t I? And they rock.

Stay tuned for stories of the adventures of Ms. Cheevious, Dirty in Public and Single Dating Diva (as well as some other lucky dating and relationship bloggers here in LA), but until then, think about THIS:


You know more about me than most people I see on a regular basis. 


Now THAT is scary… the fact my virtual world really may be more real than reality.


#MomFactor: Teach your kids to be authentic in their virtual worlds, but also, how to make friends and communicate IN REAL LIFE. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE! 

(Some fun other tweets you can share are here and here)

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