My Man, A Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Replacement Refs

Admit it. The title grabbed you, didn’t it?  My Man, a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Replacement Refs? And I’d wager a bet it was the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader that made you click. I prefer to think it was mention of my man that made ya’ click, but since, for all you know, my guy is a big yellow chicken named M.C. Nugget, I’m guessing the latter was the draw. It certainly wasn’t the replacement refs.  And what the heck was that about anyway?  Replacement refs? That was an exercise in futility if there ever was one.

Speaking of which, did anyone see the “Replacements” with Keanu Reeves?  He’s a cutie isn’t he? That movie has absolutely nothing to do with replacement refs, but hey, they could make a film called “The Replacement Refs.” If they cast Keanu I’d watch it. I really would.

Yeah, there’s nothing like good, strong references to sexy pro football cheerleaders, Keanu Reeves and replacement refs to attract both the men and the women to the blog! But let’s get to it, shall we?

The other night, Nuggie and I went to a Halloween party. No, it wasn’t the party at the Playboy Mansion that I talked about in another (shhh) blog. It was a party thrown by some friends at  We had a great time at this party.  There were plenty of gorgeous Hollywood types, as usual. The party was held at the new Redbury Hotel, which we’d wanted to check out ever since it opened.  It was refreshing this year to attend a party not totally about sexy, slutty costumes. I’m sure there was crying in the men’s rooms that night as a result, but on the outside, M.C. and all the other guys put on their game faces, patronizing me (and all the other women) by agreeing they were very impressed with the costume creativity of the guests.

Some would say the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costume is a sexy costume, and granted, this particular cheerleader looked great! But we’ve seen less coverage, and I must admit, though I am all for the eye candy that results from sexy nurses, pirates, belly dancers, etc. it was… NICE!  It felt as if we’d stepped into a Hollywood venue full of creative types or something… Oh wait.

But one of the greatest costumes (at least I thought) were two girls who dressed as the Replacement Refs. I wish I’d thought of it.  They were perfect too.  They had a copy of “Football for Dummies” with them, and were making all kinds of mistake “calls” all night.  It was pretty priceless.

We had fun, we rocked the place, and we got out.

Then we went out for a late night breakfast at another place we love in Hollywood called Kitchen 24. If you don’t live in LA and plan to visit, make a stop there. It’s one of the best late-night dining spots around.

So we played, drank and ate bad food late at night… we truly enjoyed a good ole’ fashioned late night out in Hollywood.  Ahhhhh, just the way I like it.

But now I’m tired. Just remembering the night makes me want to curl up on my feather bed. What has become of me?

Tune in next time for a special guest post from Ms. Marrie Lobel. You remember her. She wrote the fabulous piece about being glad she is a woman, which ROCKED.

Love you people!  Mmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious

Editor in [Mis]Chief


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