Ms. Cheevious Wives Gone Wild

This is a tribute to married women everywhere who know how to have a good time.  They may not qualify as Wives Gone Wild… though I suppose some would argue in favor of their status as Mischievous Wives.

The distinction here is that these women (and their husbands, thank god) do not stop living simply because they have found the love of their lives.  They realize the very important fact that they do not stop being individuals – the women do not cease to be a beautiful woman, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a mother, etc… just because they decided to get married.

I am a secure woman, who’s accomplished great things and I’m proud of my life.  I feel fine about the notion that my girlfriends and I may want to go out and get a little crazy once in a while.  Should I decide to marry at some point in the future, it will only be with a secure, strong individual who equally enjoys socializing and having a great time with friends! He must have his own strong social life that is healthy – good friends who inspire and encourage him – of which I can become a welcome particpant in, and vice versa.

So cheers to you women out there who’ve found that balance!  It’s a delicate tap-dance sometimes, and I applaud you!

This poor soul lost his head over the antics of his fun-loving wife! 🙂


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