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You may have noticed that I’m not myself lately (not the fun-loving, story-telling nut job I normally am, that is). I’ve been otherwise detained with business opportunities (of which, involve classical pilates certification, the FINAL launch of my memoir Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood, an entire revamp of my personal website, teaching Pilates on steroids and now, TAXES).

It’s not easy writing a blog when so much else is spinning, especially if and when Mercury is in retrograde.


It’s tough to conquer the world when your equipment goes schizo.

I’m not saying I believe in all this hocus-pocus stuff that people apparently LOVE to dish out. And trust me… I’ve been exposed to it all, and it can be some downright WHACKY bullshit. If you happen to live your life by tincture and crystal please don’t be offended. It doesn’t make me love you less, but I’m not one to go there without serious research or at least gut-level sense.

And hey,don’t know the mysteries of the universe, (although I’ve been quite sure I’ve solved them over cocktails now and then), but ask to hover crystals over my body to see if my chi is balanced, or whatever, and I’ll make you a deal: I’d love to read the entire Webster’s Unabridged dictionary to you in a seven hour sitting.

This to say, that Mercury may or may NOT be in retrograde… but dammit all, I am BACK people!!

Okay… I’m sort of back. Let’s not go crazy. I’m not totally back right this second.

Right now, in this  moment?…

Well… I got nothin’.


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