I See Ugly People!

So, I was reading an article entitled “Breaking News: Well-Known Women are Actual People Underneath Their Makeup” on one of my favorite blog sites, all about how famous women have suddenly started to brave the cameras, paparazzi and even the spreads of national magazines null and void of any and all concealer, powder, mascara, hairspray — anything…  It was an article talking about a recent People Magazine (or some other such rag) article, and how there was a huge amount of harsh backlash and mean comments about the article and the women (most notable here: Hillary Clinton and Zooey Deschanel). So I was interested to explore this subject, and dug in. While reading the article and observing a few of the most talked about photos, it occurred to me: I don’t like looking at these people that way.

Make it stop.


I give up.  I don’t want to “explore” this subject any more than to tell you why this should never happen again.

Here is my list as to why I think it’s preposterous to make this into a “THING”:

1. Women look *REALLY* good when they haute-up.  Just sayin’.  I’m one to talk, as a person who barely sports face powder on a regular basis.  But I still maintain that a little somethin’ somethin’ is all it takes sometimes to hide major blemishes from the world. ESPECIALLY when I’m posing for photos, going out to greet my adoring fans (HA), or appearing in front of an audience.

2. It’s almost as if these women waited until they were a) on their period and had menstrual induced breakouts, b) having the worst hair day of record, or c) were pre-pubecently OOgly with acne and all that entails.  Hell, we’d ALL be ugly on those days. Which leads me to number 3.

3. I don’t want to see that. My boyfriend doesn’t NEED to see that.  You don’t want to see that.  Also… my own FRIENDS and FAMILY don’t want to see me looking my worst.  Even I don’t try that at home people.  And admit it.  We kinda LIKE our idea of these women as they are when they’re made up.

4. Why let all the snappy technology of today go to waste?  Hello? It’s there people, for the taking.  Makeups, creams, hair tonics, oh the glorious hair tonics. They’re everywhere and almost FREE in some forms and locations. Get them while you can and use them while there is still time.  PLEASE.

5. I know there will be those naysayers out there who are proponents of this new “THING.” “I think they look lovely and show courage coming out without a stitch of makeup. No one does that in Hollywood or in political office… blah freaking blah…” You can say that all you want, but I DARE any of these women to show up on camera for their SHOW or to a GALA without a stitch.  That’s the point.  They won’t.  Why? Because getting adorned makes them look their best.  So, you naysayers… here, you may make your point, but only if you are known to never shave your legs/armpits, shower, wear makeup, perfume or hair products, and at that – you still look FABULOUS and could go like that to the most important occasion of your life.  Then, and only then will we bow before the idea of dolling up without products.

Because isn’t that the point?  Shouldn’t we view every waking moment as one of the most important, even possibly one of the last moments of our lives?  Shouldn’t we see how we look for our close friends and family as extremely important as well? Not that we have to shellack our faces and hair every day, but geez, put a little effort in.  Show those in your lives you care.  Would ya?

Enough said.

Tune in next time for a fabulous and tantalizing tale of two dates… or maybe something entirely different.

Love you people!!!!! Mmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

WATCH the related video: http://youtu.be/ObPV0ejuOXo


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12 Responses to “I See Ugly People!”

  1. Thewakajak

    You are toooooo funny Lisa! It’s true – I don’t think I would want to be seen sans even a little makeup! It just makes ME feel better – I even put on make-up after I’d had surgery for my follow-up visit with my doctor – ha ha!

  2. Dirty In Public

    You my love are funny as hell! I love your honesty and I gotta tell ya…it is their job, literal job description, to look good in the public eye. It’s like Rachel Rey joining Weight Watchers…it’s counter productive to her profession! Great post once again Ms Cheevious!

    • Ms. Cheevious

      awe thank you honey! so true! though Rachel Ray – well I get it, because we don’t want her to be UGLY – right? LOL. J/K… it is… how can you cook all that stuff you won’t eat because of your diet? LOL

  3. AccordingtoJewels

    I am all for allowing these people to be human though. If they are on vacation or taking out their trash should they really have to be their public persona? I enjoy seeing a “human” side of them. I’m not a person who wears makeup every day but I’m also stunningly attractive naturally so it’s not needed. 😉 Absolutely I look and feel better when I have some makeup on but it’s just not always in my time card.

    I will say though that I do not own a SINGLE pair of sweatpants, track pants, etc. I do NOT wear that shit in my house or in public! Not acceptable to me.

    • Ms. Cheevious

      dude. I WEAR workout clothes all the TIME. But they are CUTE! LOL. No… this post wasn’t about people not being able to let their hair down when they are taking the trash out… lol… or when they are on vacation… it’s about them promoting themselves that way for publicity supposedly for the greater good of what “true” beauty is.. when we all know they wouldn’t be caught DEAD without makeup if it was something “important”… Just having a little fun with the whole concept… and if the photos were of them in their PJs – caught by paparazzi taking the trash out, I would EXPECT them to look like that… THANK you for commenting Jewels! Always love your input! And — by the way — be watching the mail… :)

  4. Maybelle

    SOO FUNNY! HAHAHA! I laughed a lot at this one. Great again… thanks!

    • Ms. Cheevious

      Maybelle! Thanks! Haven’t seen you in a while. So glad you got it… it was SUPPOSE to be funny! LOL xo

  5. Eaeme

    Unaccustomed as I am to considering the impression my own make-up makes (disregarding the impression that facts I make up make), I must instead consider the combing of my ruleless hair, trimming my snappy chin whiskers, and shaving the very late thin post-prepubescent cheek fuzz (pilose). Never thought, don‘t think, much about it, ingenuous slob that I am. Characteristic event: when I was dating my now wife 52 years ago I appeared at her house in MG repairing clothes, a continual necessity. Her mother, who didn’t know me well enough yet, immediately admonished me with the severe Austrian slap, “Schämen Sie sich nicht? (Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?).” Unphased I answered, “Nein, ich schäme mich nicht! (No, I’m not ashamed of myself!)” [Wrong answer offensive in Austria, but she got over it; at least I spoke minimal German]. Beauty in make-up is in the eyes of the applier. Can’t remember her name, that wife of the criminal evangelist, who looked like a pre-school art project. However, one day a Stop-and-Stare stunningly beautiful woman, Vogue cover character, passed through the lobby of the Rockefeller Center Tower Building. So amazing was she I still remember from graduate school days. Make up did it!, but the quality of its impression is most dependent on the culture to which it is exposed. Seems I recall some primitive tribe where women smear their faces with red ocher :(. Nothing beats a clean, natural, healthy look and if make up covers defects, power to it.

      • Eaeme

        You’re so kind, but miss the fact that your light hearted and valid wit, organization, balance, touch, etc. can stimulate one to think, reflect, and learn. You have a good feel for subjects of general interest, and share your feelings well. By contrast my ideas have seemed a dreary muddle, crap for a nonexistent shrink. Can’t imagine anyone going back to a blog of mine a second time. I have no active social contacts like I suspect you have. Old men are rutbound. For the while, with your permission, I’ll practice with comments; they have been fun. More perks to you.

  6. James Wood

    Hmmm? Is it just me or do these photos look like the ladies are auditioning to be in the next Proactiv commercial?


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