Half-Naked Dance Party

Boys and girls, Ms. Cheevious will be off galavanting around the world for the next several weeks. I’m sorry, I just don’t have time for the blog right now. It happens.  But I’ll be sure to post some fabulous pics from the road. To top it off, while I am  jet setting to Paris and Athens, my alter-ego Lisa Jey Davis is stuck at home in Southern California, but she is under the gun to actually FINISH the book she’s been laboring over.

In light of this, all my split personalities and I have asked a few select, and talented bloggers/writers we know to step in and write some guest posts.

First up: A lovely, talented dating and relationship blogger we love, According to Jewels. Sit back and ENJOY people!

xoxo Ms. Cheevious


Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@According2Jewls) has no doubt seen my weekend tweets about my half-naked dance parties.

Half-Naked Dance Party

This is not mere titillation meant to gain more followers, though if it happens, I’m fine with that.

I actually enjoy a half-naked solo dance party on a regular basis. Think I’m crazy?  I beg to differ.  It is a ton of fun.

It is exactly what it sounds like. I strip down to my bra and panties (sexy, lacy ones of course) and pump up the music. This is typically accompanied by a glass of wine or two and a lot of laughing. My “Dance Party” playlist goes on shuffle and then it’s fun-and-games time. Those people who dance in their car while singing at the top of their lungs… yeah, I’m one of them. They (like me) don’t mind if someone sees them being silly. They know you can see them. They just don’t care.

Well, my dance party is a more private version of this.

There are times when this is my main event of the night: There’s no going out, and no real reason for said party, other than wanting to let lose. Those nights I may even slip into some sexy sleepwear and write between dance breaks. I’m typically writing posts for my adult blog during this time, and that side of Jewels loves her sexy time. What better way to get in the mood for writing about “adult topics” than to turn on some sultry tunes and slink my way around the room working my hips like a want to be Shakira? You write sexy when you feel sexy and I love doing both of those things.

Then there are times where my Half-Naked Dance Party (HNDP) is just the warm up for a night out. That is when I get a little crazy and do my ‘pump-up-the-volume’ or ‘pre-game’ rally to get ready for the night. Imagine me, glass of wine in hand, music turned up, throwing items around my closet, and searching through a mountain of shoes for the missing mate to my favorite pair of ‘goes with everything, super comfy’ heals. I will be singing along to “It Takes Two” by the infamous Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock while I apply eye shadow, liner, and mascara… finishing off with a shiny nude gloss. I promise that at some point the urge to truly dance (again) will overcome me and I’ll do that annoying “OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG,” drop my mascara wand and dance madly in my room alone. Yes, totally alone (I’m known to both talk to myself and dance totally alone).

The nights when my HNDP is that warm-up before going out, I always arrive at my destination feeling sexier and on top of the world. I just carry myself differently. I am fun, flirty, and a more fabulous version of myself.

On the nights when I simply stay in and write after a HNDP, you can believe I produce some seriously steamy, sexually driven, confident, powerful pieces those nights.

The important part is that I’m singing, dancing, smiling and happy the whole time. I’m enjoying myself and more importantly I’m enjoying being in my body. As somebody who hasn’t always been comfortable in my own skin, this is huge for me. When you haven’t always loved your body it’s amazing to embrace it, flaws and all, and feel sexy doing so. Half-Naked Dance Parties started out as a practice in learning to love my body, but now, well now they are just a crap ton of fun! 😉


About our Guest: According to Jewels
According to Jewels is a writer/blogger who tackles topics ranging from relationships, sex, and dating, to being brutally honest in life and raising the bar on people’s behavior. Drawing from her own life experience and profiting from the dating/relationship drama of friends, she calls women/men out on their ridiculous behavior, sheds light on love/sex misconceptions, and entertains in the process. Read her two blogs at AccordingToJewels.com and Naughty-Nothings.net (an adult blog).  She can be reached at AccordingtoJewels@yahoo.com.


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Love you people!!!!! Mmmmppphhhuuuhhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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