Why I’m Glad I’m a Woman… and You Should be Too

Ms. Cheevious Note: This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Marrie Lobel as one of our guest-contributors.  Her blog, Dirty in Public, happens to be one of my personal favorites. Her provocative, articulate posts range from true-life stories and the lessons learned, to tips for how to behave (or not) in “special” situations. She’s our Bomb-a-licious contributor (she is, after all, The BOMB). Here, she’s graced us with her take on all the wonderful things that make women, well, fabulously female.

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Why I’m Glad I’m a Woman… and you should be too

I’m so glad I’m a woman. By saying this I am not bashing all you fabulous men. I’m fairly confident I could write an equally flattering post on how wonderful it is to be a man; however I’m not one. With all the drama, back-stabbing, cackling, and gossiping associated with the female of our species there are still some pretty marvelous things about being a chick. Rather than dwelling on all the negatives, I thought it would be fun to take note and celebrate all the glorious reasons why I’m glad to be a woman…and why other women should be too.

I Have Boobs: They’re fabulous, fun, and breathtaking. I can prop them up or dress them down but no matter what, they’re always a lovely accessory. Size doesn’t even particular matter…men are just pleased as punch to have the opportunity to be face-to-face with these mystical feminine lumps.

I Can Procreate: I admit that having children can be a pain in the…well…neck; however, I’m still in awe at the experience of having grown a child inside of me. It’s common but no less incredible. The bond I felt while nurturing my daughter has to be one of the most extraordinary experience I have had or ever will have. I know some women feel it to be a curse but for me it’s the best part of being a woman; labor and all.

I Get to Be Emotional: I am free to cry and have insecurities. I get to experience and enjoy my moods unabashedly. I get to indulge my weakness and celebrate my strengths in full glory for all to see. Women are known as emotional creatures…and that’s fine by me!

I Get to Wear Make-Up: Nature isn’t always kind, that’s why I thank my maker and Lancome for make-up! Got a blemish? No, worries, I have concealer. Looking pale? Bronzer to the rescue. Putting my best face forward and dolling myself up makes me feel confident on the inside because I know I look good on the outside. As superficial as it may sound, sometimes it’s the little things like pretty lipgloss that can get you through the day with a smile on your face.

I Don’t Have a Penis: Elaine from Seinfeld said it best, “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.” TRUE DAT! Shrinkage, spontaneous erections, and constant shifting…my god, it’s a virtual circus in their pants at all times. No wonder men are known for thinking with their unit, so much of men’s metal energy is devoted to his penis’ well-being their mind might as well stay there!

I Get to Have a Job I Enjoy: Yeah, I know, women make less for the same jobs and her odds of promotion depend on how well connected her male counterparts may be. But hey, let’s face it; women are happier with their career choices and experience less pressure to uphold the family name or bring in the big bucks as many men feel. Women also have more job security {women have weathered the recession better than men} and keep their positions longer. For me enjoying what I do is more important than how much money is in the bank. Because I’m a woman, I’m free to pursue my interests independent of expectations.

I Have Feminine Charm: Just as the size of your boobs doesn’t really matter for most, neither does your dress size. Women have a power all their own; if a woman feels sexy and owns her sexuality her body shape is of little importance. I love that through the power of desire, I can bring the strongest man to his knees if I put my mind to it {for good reason}. I love owning my sexuality and empowered by the energy of my sensuality. Women may be the fairer sex, but that doesn’t mean we are all Snow White!

I Have Female Intuition: Personal experience has taught me that I have an instinctive understanding about life, love, and the dynamics of personal relationships. I tend to be the glue that holds my family together and the rock that supports in times of great need or sorrow. Like many women, I can hear what is not being said and understand why. Women are shrewd family negotiators and insightful mediators to friends. Women are intuitive about the complexities of personal situations and respond, well, tactfully.



Marrie is a Geekalicious NorCal Betty masquerading opinions about dating, sex & relationships as fact through dirty talk & wicked rants. You can read more on her personal blog, Dirty In Public and on Singles Warehouse where she is an #SWEXPERT contributor.



Twitter:!/DirtyInPublic @DirtyInPublic



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12 Responses to “Why I’m Glad I’m a Woman… and You Should be Too”

  1. Anne @ relationship blog

    This is hilarious. It put a big smile on my face on this Monday morning. I’m glad I don’t have a penis too. I think that the worse thing about penises (etc) is that they’re so fragile. Men always have to protect them at all cost. Any little ‘accident’ and they’re disabled for a good half an hour. That can’t be too comfy.

  2. Ms. Cheevious

    You had me at “I Have Boobs” – I LOVE my boobs! LOL If I were a guy, I may consider having implants. LOL J/K – but that was a GREAT POST dearie!

    • Dirty In Public

      Thank you for having me, Love! I figured any post with the words boobs and penis has got to have a good showing…LOL!

  3. Eaeme

    We men are ignorant of these insider truths – these few lines are a great introduction. Sort of scary, but good.

  4. According to Jewels

    So sorry I am late commenting. This is fantastic! I am so glad you put boobs first because as I was surfing the internet I was (unknowingly) holding my left boob. It’s a thing I do when I’m bored or thinking or just chilling…I liken it to dudes with their hands down their pants. haha. Anyway, I really couldn’t agree more. I often wonder how I’d ever function inside a man’s body when I can cry at the drop of a hat, have thoughts blazing through my head all the time, this “gut feeling” I never ignore, etc. It’s FANTASTIC being a woman! Loved this.

  5. Harold Hansen

    Well, not really. At some point, avoiding “accidents” becomes second nature, you don’t have to think about it. Most of the time, we’re can see it coming–the spiraling football that arches downward to quickly for us to react, the cat jumping on your lap–but the most common “wrecks”(accident implies that there’s no one to blame :P) are from idiot stunts, other idiot stunts, or some other idiot isn’t being careful around someone else.Have you ever experienced a migraine? Imagine having a migraine over a smaller area of force, on another part of your body.
    Of course we’d rather hang out in the basement. My brain is a terrible roommate! When I think about an accident, my brain sometimes starts dumping unpleasant mental stimuli where it doesn’t belong to the point where it’s almost tangible.

    I’m glad I stumbled on this, I’m always open to gaining new perspectives. I was trying to come up with reasons why women might be grateful to be born with their gender(as in thinking they got the better part of the deal), and everything I came up with seemed to be canceled out by a differing perspective of the opposite gender. If you were a man, your manly perspective would cancel out some of these things, like make-up, one of the things you listed. Your predominant feminine perspective wants you to be pretty, at least on a subconscious level. For men, it’s “I don’t need make-up. Blemish? Pop that sucker and ride it out. Looking pale? Whooo, I’m a ghost, whooo!” But I had to look back at the title of this post, being that “i’m glad i’m a woman”, not “being a woman is better.”

    It’s unfortunate that discussions about differences between different heritages, sexes, and orientations are often plagued by malicious or self-misled individuals. There are plenty of times I’ve wanted to just have my curiosity satisfied. It’s hard to ask, and I usually don’t anyway, “What’s it like to have boobs? Do you like to touch them, too?” or “What’s it like knowing that there are still people around who have a dehumanizing opinion of you and other members of your heritage?” without fear of having to defend your innocent curiosity from accusations, threats, and the occasional backhand. Thankfully I have friends who aren’t offended by curious questions. There’s this understanding that I couldn’t possibly imagine how it feels, and yet I want to. I don’t want to believe that it’s impossible.

    Sorry for that long post, I just had a lot to react to, and then other stuff came into my head, and I had to get it out.


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