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Sometimes, people, you just gotta let yourself laugh… Enjoy the moment – no matter WHAT curve balls the world throws at you.

I am alone and without family today, Christmas Eve.  I will be alone when I wake up tomorrow morning on Christmas Day.  

And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

You may ask why, when you read this next little bit, but I’ll explain afterward:

When my fourteen year old asked to stay with his dad (two states away) for the holidays, because, hey – he’s a teenager, and all his friends, cool cousins and festivities are there – I was actually fine with it.  I gave him the choice — with a minor caveat: He had to put a gift (we were doing gag gifts this year) together and get it in the mail to me, so I would have it and know he was thinking of me on Christmas Day.  I figured it was a fair trade off.

Then, when I spoke to his dad yesterday – the day BEFORE Christmas Eve, and he couldn’t “remember” whether they had shipped the package, I knew the chances were pretty good I wouldn’t be receiving anything for Christmas from my teenager. His dad can be such a schlub, and my son – sadly – (and if he doesn’t wise up) is definitely in danger of becoming one too.

So – I know I am Ms. Cheevious.  I’m a cool, whimsical, fun-loving person at heart.  But that really pissed me off.

My brain swung to every extreme of the pendulum.  I could bring the kid back to my home, make him live with me for the rest of his high-school years and tell him “too bad… tough toast… suck it up” when he cries about it…. or, I could simply ignore him… pretend he doesn’t exist…  that I don’t have a teenage son…  and make him do any and all the work (groveling, begging) to prove he really is my flesh and blood, if he is so inclined…  or, I could simply do nothing.  Right now I am inclined to do nothing.

You know why?  Because today and this weekend, my friends, is all about ME.  I don’t have TIME to get upset about someone ELSE’s lack of respect, or selfishness, or responsibility…  As I said, right now is all about ME!  I can’t be bothered sniveling, worrying  – or even expending all that negative time and energy – on something someone else did or did not do!  So I adjusted my attitude.  I had to remind myself that I had so looked forward to this new adventure of spending the holiday as a SOLO person – something I have never done – and by god, I was NOT going to let anything take my “cool” holiday away from me.

Then I took an inventory of my solo time thus far.

Since Monday when I dropped my guy M.C. Nugget off at the airport to visit his family back east, I have enjoyed: 1) a luscious Thai Massage, 2) a fabulous sushi dinner and drinks with a gal pal, 3) a crazy jaunt to the movie theatre – at a MALLLLLL (right before Christmas) – and none of my friends or family could complain about the crowds or anything, and 4) a quiet dinner at Nuggie’s beach pad with another gal pal, watching movies and commiserating about our future successes as power people in Hollywood. 

What more could one ask? HA!

Then, after my friend left last night, I tucked myself into Nuggie’s oh-so-cozy bed, and fell into a sweet slumber.  When I woke up this morning at 9:00 AM, I opened my eyes and smiled.  It was so peaceful, and I thought about spending the entire day doing only that which pleased ME. Me me me me meeeeeeee!  

Then I actually laughed out loud – kinda sinister-like.  Heh, heh.  What a turn of events, eh?  Me – Ms. Cheevious – craving the delights of solitude during a time of year that is DESIGNED for festivity! 

Oh – I’ll get mine – don’t you worry – cuz Nuggie’s coming back on Monday – and then it’s New Year’s Eve!  But for now, I am content to forget all my troubles and LAUGH, and enjoy every single moment this Holiday has to offer!

Tonight I am at a dinner party with friends, and tomorrow my schedule is jammed with festivities… from a brunch with some Hollywood power-people, to a glass of cheer and gift exchange with my oldest son… and then dinner with a separate group of friends.

So, during this holiday season, and even after one of the toughest years financially known to man, in the history of our country – when most people still get sappy, drippy-eyed, sweet as sugar and sentimental about it – I am consciously setting aside my worries, troubles, etc…  to enjoy myself….  DAMMIT!! 

And when your family or loved ones say something to hurt you or piss you off –  look them square in the face and LAUGH OUT LOUD.  Just don’t do it too aggressively.  We don’t want violence over the holidays.  But laugh like you mean it… like you have something great to laugh about, and to enjoy.  They’ll either think you’ve gone a little whacko, or they’ll realize that your positive, happy demeanor cannot be penetrated by their parasitic, negative behavior. 

That’ll teach them to screw with your holidays.  HA!

So, tune in next time when I’ll tell you all about the Fraggle Rock red carpet event I took my people to.  It was star studded, and funnnnn.

Love you people!  Mmmmmmphhhuuuhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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