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Should I Reconnect With A Love Interest From Decades Ago?

When I received a letter from subscriber EA, I knew immediately I had to reply via video. I believe we have the start of something very interesting here. In the video I mention my idea for a great name for this segment – along the lines of “all things Mischievous” – something like “Spit it Out & Ms. Cheevious Will Answer.” That’s simply too long. I’ve relegated this new series to something very simple: Just Ask Me.

It’s a bit boring and over done (in the blogosphere), so I’m open to suggestions. You know what to do with your suggestions (hint: comments below).

This video is super unique in that 1) It reflects on the Golden Era of the Rockefellers, J. Paul Getty, and Marjorie Merriweather Post; 2) E.A. had some interesting encounters with Ms. Post’s granddaughter, whom he says, reminds him of Ms. Cheevious (awe); and 3) I went deep into my roots to imagine how my MOTHER (who would have been a contemporary to E.A.) would have answered E.A.’s question. That starts at 6:15. You’ll get a kick out of it. Enjoy!

If for some reason (via email or otherwise) you cannot see the video window above, click HERE to view it on the Ms. Cheevious site, or HERE for YouTube. Comments and more questions (as well as your own suggestions for E.A. are WELCOME.


M.C. Nugget and I are off to Vegas for a friend’s fun birthday weekend. I’m sure there will be some manner of celebrity mayhem to report, and I’m up to the task!

Until then, have a glorious week – find a random stranger – smile broadly at them and make their day INCREDIBLE – that or simply wink and walk away – that should befuddle them at minimum.

Love you people!!!! Mmppphhhuuuhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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