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Some could argue that my blog isn’t really for mommies because my kids are grown and my stories aren’t about my kids or being a mom, much.

M.C. Nugget and I were eating dinner the other night (my homemade chicken, vegetable and green chile soup, sans noodles or any starch), when he plopped something into my bowl. A piece of zucchini. Then PLOP… another one…

What? You’re not enjoying the zucchini? I thought you liked zucchini?

Yeah…. not that much, and not that mushy, he teased.

See??? I bring the skills I learned as a mom to EVERY.THING. Even dating and relationships.


The difference here is, Nuggie is grown up. He gets to be who he is and I don’t try to change him. That’s his job.

So I ate his zucchini, and I LIKED IT.

So much is happening for me both professionally and personally this year. All great things. But with new great things comes new, added pressures. With added pressures, comes the immediate need for me to get serious about fitness and health, and to slim back down to the lean, mean, well-oiled fighting machine I’ve been in the past.

It’s A HUGE YEAR FOR ME. And slimming down is the best way I can make this year the best year, ever.  I keep replaying in my mind… if Jane Fonda can rock her latter years and stay lean and healthy, DAD-GUMMIT, so can I.

Jane Fonda rocks her latter years

And even though my to-do list is fairly packed:

  1. Book Launch —- CHECK
  2. Book Signing —- CHECK
  3. Reach #1 Bestselling New Release on Amazon —- CHECK
  4. Win another award for the book —- CHECK
  5. Teach Pilates Classes all over the city, day and night —- CHECK
  6. Red Carpet, Celebrity Book Release Party in May —- WORKING ON NOW
  7. Giant Mother’s Day product review and give away – EEEEE! You guys will LOVE this one! —- Coming soon
  8. Huge jewelry-ish review and give away — OOOOO! You’ll love THIS one too! —- Coming soon
  9. Enormous, stupendous, landmark birthday for me —- in July
  10. Finish classical Pilates certification —- end of year
  11. Launch Single Mom Luv smart-phone app —- this year
  12. Write fun blogs here and health/fitness blogs everywhere else, including those I do for —- CHECK
  13. Direct photo shoots for —- CHECK
  14. Moderate a fitness/health/nutrition panel for Digital Hollywood with some of the biggest names in fitness —- CHECK
  15. Publish next book “Getting Over Your Ovaries: How To Make the Change of Life Your BITCH” —- sometime in the next twelve months, I hope.
  16. And guess what? M.C. Nugget keeps hinting he may actually ask me out for a THIRD date! EEEEEEEE!

THIS must go to the TOP of my TO DO LIST:

17.  Healthy eating and lifestyle changes (which includes going very light on the cocktails) —- HAPPENING NOW

The next day, when Nuggie asked me if we could sit down to study French on the Rosetta Stone (which he got me for Christmas, since we are going to France this year too)…  I’m sure he was thinking “Why not? What’s one more thing?”

But you guys!!! I need this healthy eating, lifestyle thing! Because I friggin’ love food. Scratch that. I LOVE having a good time. 99.9% of the time, “good times” involve really great, fattening, starchy, buttery food. Plus wine. Plus chocolate. And vodka. Often, cheese and proscuitto with water crackers.

Give me a few drinks and you KNOW I’m eating that pizza. Don’t try to stop me.

I know.


Nuggie and I laughed about this, because I have this habit of going all DEEPUFF CHOPRA on myself for big events (where I de-puff with my trademark, Zen-like focus and drill-seargant discipline leading up to a big event), only to become Puff the Magic Girlfriend afterward.

Puff the Magic Girlfriend aka Lisa Jey Davis

In fairness to ME… I think I’m a Tiny Pufflestiltskin most of the time, but when an important life event nears, Deepuff Chopra takes over and slims down. Then, I just relax and allow things to go back to “normal” afterward.

THANK GOD, I haven’t ever let it get out of control (not since that time right before my divorce…that time I talked about in my book).

THANK GOD, Tiny Pufflestiltskin isn’t too horrible to look at.

But, you know? I’m not content to be “not too horrible to look at.”

“Not too horrible to look at” is not the tag line I’m going for (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I always aspire for more, and for feeling the BEST EVER.

So, SAYONARA, because I’ve decided to allow my zen-like, drill-sergeant ways to take the reigns FOR.EVER.


Your former “Puff the Magic Girlfriend,” soon-to-be lean, limber and healthiest ever friend,





#DailyMischief #Diet #Exercise #Fitness #Health #DeepakChopra #Zen

MOM FACTOR:  Don’t let the kids always decide what you’re eating. YOU.ALWAYS.DECIDE. End of story. 

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