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This is why we survive

I don’t normally do this, but this Thai commercial does more in three minutes than any Hollywood film could ever hope to …

Pretty and pink

What do you do when your girlfriend turns into a celebra-stalker and asks P!NK to take a photo with her? You smile, …

This should never be said

I’ll never forget the first time someone called me “voluptuous.” I think I was fourteen, and had no idea what it meant. …

This one is for the stalkers

I received a comment on a Facebook post today that said something like, “I love all your quotes and follow you like …

Take a Chill Pill

Just a little encouragement here people – from me to you: In follow up to my  “Relationship Whispering,” article (because some misunderstood that article …

In a Perfect World

Where Ms. Cheevious describes her life in a perfect world: Sans bugs, insects… anything creepy-crawly.

Inner Giggle Override

Thursday night was the opening of the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” the masterpiece by Tennessee Williams, in which my …

Are You Ms. Cheevious?

If you possess at least two of the below listed qualities of mischief, then you my dear are indeed a Ms. Cheevious guy or girl.

It’s Time to Delve Into Twelve

If you’re at all like me, you found yourself cruising thru the holidays, way back in 2011, just trying to survive. Thoughts of resolutions were the furthest things from your mind.

Mammoth Mountain Moments & a Lesson in Branding

I’m pleased to present Episode 2 of Mammoth Mountain Moments. It’s a very clever foray into the world of the Ms. Cheevious brand… all under the guise of Apres Ski drinks, & revelry. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll be talking “Brand Equity” and “Funny Factor” in the same sentence, and still sound like an expert. Nice eh?

Some R Winnin’

Get it? Some R, and Summer?  Ha ha.  Well this time I have TWO winners everyone! One lucky person gets the great …

I Heart Vegas… Mostly

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a play-by-play of the birthday celebration she threw for her man M.C. Nugget in Vegas. Good AND Bad. <3 Subscribe! & Like!

Capers of the Sherwood Kind

Where Ms. Cheevious a.k.a. Brat-Tay Sherwood and the other Sherwood Girls get unwittingly involved in another Caper. Too Much.