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When this goes it’s all over

Yesterday I went into the bathroom and almost peed through my cute little undies.  This was not a move of desperation, like …

Age Matters

Age matters for most things… but if you’re a musician like Quinn Sullivan, are only 14 (just BARELY) and good enough to …

Take a Chill Pill

Just a little encouragement here people – from me to you: In follow up to my  “Relationship Whispering,” article (because some misunderstood that article …

Just Call Me The Relationship Whisperer

That’s me. The Relationship Whisperer… Well, more like the Relationship “Hit-em-over-the-head” er. But everyone needs their own personal relationship whisperer, to help …

Stop Your ‘Splainin’ Lucy

Yes, PLEASE, for GODSSAKES, stop your ‘splainin’ Lucy, because I’mma getting tired of picking up the pieces. I’m talking to myself, of …

I Thought I was a Glamor-Puss

Please don’t laugh when I tell you why I *thought* I was a glamor-puss, but based on what transpired, I am faced with the harsh cold reality of “otherwise.”

In a Perfect World

Where Ms. Cheevious describes her life in a perfect world: Sans bugs, insects… anything creepy-crawly.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…. OR… Yes, You Probably DO Eat Too Much

Problem is, if you enter the New Year with the same mindset you exited the last one, will anything really change? Since the fairy godmother didn’t show up and give you those gorgeous (but look really uncomfortable) glass slippers and the prince isn’t coming to sweep you off your feet, or even sweep your floor, what will change? What will be different in your life that will allow you to reach your goals?

My Life in Real Time, A.B.E.

Sh*t just got real for me. I can wax Ms. Cheevious (empowered, frivolous, free-spirited) all I want, but if someone brings the shit to me, well they’re gonna’ get Ms. Cheevious with a whole boat load of Lisa J. backing her up.

Inner Giggle Override

Thursday night was the opening of the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” the masterpiece by Tennessee Williams, in which my …

Just Ask Me

Where Ms. Cheevious answers a subscriber’s question reflecting on the Golden Era of the Rockefellers, J. Paul Getty, and Marjorie Merriweather Post

Are You Ms. Cheevious?

If you possess at least two of the below listed qualities of mischief, then you my dear are indeed a Ms. Cheevious guy or girl.

Sh*t Girls Say — If They’re Ms. Cheevious

I’ll admit. I had to do it. I cannot watch something like “Shit Girls Say,” which is so hysterically funny without thinking, ‘HOLY CRAP that sounds an awful lot like a sweeter version of me!’

Mammoth Mountain Moments & a Lesson in Branding

I’m pleased to present Episode 2 of Mammoth Mountain Moments. It’s a very clever foray into the world of the Ms. Cheevious brand… all under the guise of Apres Ski drinks, & revelry. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll be talking “Brand Equity” and “Funny Factor” in the same sentence, and still sound like an expert. Nice eh?

Mammoth Mountain Moments: My Plan for the Existence of Humanity

These are some profound thoughts, or “moments” I’m sharing with you people. It doesn’t get much better than this. Plus – the music is cool, once again. AND – I think you will AGREE that my plan for the existence of humanity is pretty cool… and ONE person who comes up with their own rendition of the “product” in question and posts in on my FACEBOOK page wins $25 bucks! YEEHAW!

What’s Your Color Today?

Mine remains to be seen people! (except perhaps my bloodshot eyes! OY!) Ha! Will I be blond? Brunette? Red Headed? With me …

I Heart Vegas… Mostly

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a play-by-play of the birthday celebration she threw for her man M.C. Nugget in Vegas. Good AND Bad. <3 Subscribe! & Like!

Beach Break with Ms. Cheevious!

Where Ms. Cheevious takes a break from her hectic schedule during Grammys, Oscars etc, to tell a joke at Big Dean’s near the Santa Monica Pier.

Ms. Cheevious On the Hunt…

Where Ms. Cheevious exercises her hunting prowess with agility and steadiness to get the job, the chocolate, the wine and the good people.

Capers of the Sherwood Kind

Where Ms. Cheevious a.k.a. Brat-Tay Sherwood and the other Sherwood Girls get unwittingly involved in another Caper. Too Much.