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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:  RandomEsq (aka Random Esquire), hereafter referred to as “R”, (how’s that for legaleeze?  Notice my swift rise in aptitude to all things legal? Ha ha) is a real lady killer!

I began a dialogue with the now infamous blogger / attorney / food and wine aficionado some months ago, when I approved a reply to one of my blog posts. (Pardon my detour here, but those descriptions for R – blogger, etc – are from my own keen observations, of course. R can’t be blamed for laying the credentials on me.  The attorney credential came pretty simply, given the blog handle “RandomEsq.”  That was a dead give away.  So was the blogger thing.  Be warned: I’m pretty bright.  But the rest came over time, after a few “random” emails and conversations.)  

Ahhh, the first contact. Those are the truly fine moments in any new relationship, aren’t they?  Whether a new friend, love interest, business relationship, or even a new job, the first contact is when we are all on our very best behavior, generally.  But in the blogosphere, there are no rules.  It wasn’t that R’s first reply was earth shattering, creating a great chasm in my personal philosophies or beliefs and causing me to rethink everything I’d ever learned.  It’s just that it was – well – Random. Ha!  I didn’t know this blogger.  Who was this person gracing my little corner of cyberspace?  I had to investigate. I found R’s posts to be witty, interesting and, yes, again, random.  I loved it!  What a novel concept!  A blog about nothing in particular!  (Pun intended).  Great minds think alike, I suppose! 

As so aptly put in the post Meeting Ms. Cheevious, MILF Moniker Maintained, I was the one to de-virginize R in the whole “meetings from the blogosphere” thing.  But I too was new to that game, and I am proud to say that it was DEFINITELY good for me!  ha ha!  Was it good for you R?  How about you Plush?  Plush, a beautiful singer-songwriter and blogger in her own right, is also the subject of many a post on RandomEsq and a love interest of R’s.  We were thrilled to be graced by her presence that Saturday night in Chicago, which is generally reserved for paying gigs – a hot commodity for musician types. 

The meeting and the entire circumstances surrounding our meeting are priceless – segments of which will most certainly be the subject of future blogs. But for various reasons – most importantly the fact that R has chosen to maintain a completely anonymous blog – I won’t share that story here.  You’ll see smatterings of funny stories throughout my career as a writer.  Some of them will refer to a meeting I once had with someone, and the hilarious story that goes along with it.  You won’t know if it’s this meeting I’m referring to or not, but suffice it to say, Random, Plush, my eighth grade best friend (who contacted me through my website, out of the blue in April) and I had a great time, an eventful night, and we alone – well – aside from a few select “in-the-know” people in Seattle, I suppose – are privy to the back-story. 

I’m sorry!  I know, I know!  I’ve fashioned my entire online existence by being completely open and entirely transparent.  I’ve not trained any of you to allow this sort of secrecy.  One day, should R choose to put an end once and for all to this anonymous blog stuff, I’d be happy to divulge all the nitty gritty details.  Until then, however, I must respect a fellow blogger’s wishes.

I’m off now to BOOK EXPO 2008.  Remember last year?  It was an incredibly successful event, after I attended the Writer’s Digest Writer’s Conference.  This year I was not able to participate in the same conference, which was the very thing that opened up many possibilities for my book Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood – Memoir of a Hot Mamma / MILF This!  But I will attend the expo and network like a banshee, nonetheless.

That’s all I have for today.  More sordid, juicy details of my own life to come next week, I assure you.  And I’ll see if I can get access to my little turn on Entertainment Tonight for you all to view. 

Have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!  Next week I’ll be writing on location from Aspen!



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