I’m a Thin, Light, Lean, Mean Machine – Don’tcha Know?

There I said it. It’s out there in the universe, swirling around now. I’m a thin, light, lean, mean machine.  That’s me!  Well, it will be soon.

Today I put a suit on that I plan to wear on a business trip to Florida in late February.  I embarrassed myself.  Just two and a half years ago this suit fit me and looked pretty stinkin’ good.  Not so this time. Blech.

So, I promptly took it off and hung it on my bedroom door as a reminder.  I proceeded to take three sheets of 8.5X11 paper and write messages to myself.  I wrote one that says “Don’t eat ANYTHING. You must fit in your suit! You need to lose it!” (it’s on the junk food cupboard) and another saying, “Thin & Lean is IN & Beautiful!!  Thin, Light, Lean, Mean Machine!!” (that one is suppose to get me amped up, and it’s above my desk), then one last one says, “The weight needs to come OFF! and you are the ONLY one who can do it!”  (that one is on my bathroom mirror).

So – I’m going to document my losses here.  I am good at this. I can definitely lose weight when I put my mind to it.  Don’t worry.  I am a health-nut dieter, not a basket case with OCD and anorexia. I’ll be good, I promise.

This all begs the question:  What do you do to get yourself back on track, both mentally and physically?

Tell me about it! I’d really like to hear, especially if you are trying to get slim once again as well!

Here’s to the new US in 2008 – or should I say, renewed US?  After all, this won’t be new – it’s more like a long lost friend who’s come back into our lives!  What a fantastic feeling!

So today – here I am at ground zero.  I have lost no weight.  My goal?  At least 11 lbs.

Stay tuned for the adventures of the Lean Mean Ms. Cheevious.



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