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M.C. Nugget and I went on a little getaway over Halloween weekend. We were invited to a big party in Downtown LA, and though we never venture into downtown or anywhere east of Lincoln Blvd, for that matter, a former client owns a hotel there and gave us a great deal, yada, yada, yada… yeah, yeah, yeah… We all know how this story goes.

We went to that party on Friday night, the blessed cacophony of mayhem and mischief that it was. But if you can imagine being in the center of a huge warehouse full of people in ornate, colorful costumes, dancing to bass-thumping music… Then picture yourself twirling around so fast that you see only a blaze of color and wind; Or think about if you were to enter a 3D black light art installation, were handed 3D glasses by the people at Altervision, and all you could see were bright, loud, neon colors in the wind.


Not sure how we don’t look blue there, because every other photo made us look like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka.

Blacklight Art Installation

THERE IS ONE OF THEM.. a blueberry girl, otherwise known as Tinker Bell from Altervision.


If you’ve come this far with me, imagine on the next evening, entering an ancient Electrical Plant-turned speakeasy from the 1920’s, with burlesque shows and fifteen dollar beers. If you can imagine all of that, then you know that THIS IS HOW THESE STORIES GO.

But how does the story end?

How this story ends, is, well a little disappointing, because somewhere along the line, Nuggie and I forgot how to do this shit (or maybe it’s just that I forgot). Somehow the metrics have completely escaped me for how to bring all of the pieces of this story together so it ends with us lying in a bed of posies, butterflies fluttering and beautiful music lulling us into a peaceful sleep at the end of a huge weekend. Instead, it ends with the zombiefied versions of me and Nuggie exiting our hotel room, sunglasses on, making a beeline to our comfortable, friendly neighborhood bar for brunch (and a little hair of the dog, in Nuggie’s case, because remember, I don’t get hangovers). And by little, I mean I made note of the number of cocktails I was having this time (this is number 4, okay, this is number 5), I lost count somewhere between number 5 and when I found myself back home at the beach palace, waking up to the sound of a blaring alarm clock telling me it was time to get up and teach the minions how to live and be healthy.

Yes, I woke up and put on my best healthy face, when really I just wanted to crawl back into bed.

It didn’t help that we “fell back” an hour on the clocks, which creates its own sort of jet lag for me.

Nuggie and I both have been sleeping ever since last weekend, and I have made a solemn vow to let the whirlwind, twirlie girls in their 20’s, 30’s and so on handle the whirlwind weekends from here on out. Stay tuned on that one, but just don’t hold your breath.

Because apparently we really did forget how to do this without getting sick or sleeping for three weeks afterward.


#MomFactor: These kinds of parties and activities work wonders for showing your kids you’ve not lost all sense of “cool” by becoming a mom. If you can do them without going too wild, you’re golden. 

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