It’s the alcohol, darling




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M.C. Nugget and I spent the night at my girlfriend Brit’s house after she threw me a wonderfully fantastic birthday dinner party. Brit and her fiancé recently moved up into the hills above Mulholland drive and have a gorgeous home with three large bedrooms (one of which is now “my” bedroom – thank you!), a beautiful swimming pool and back yard, and a view of the valley below that could make you sing  God Bless America.

I won’t go into the details of the party (which was a dinner party for four couples), because, well, it just can’t be properly recapped, but here are just a few highlights with a couple of photos below):

From the thai fusion food (prepared by her Cordon Bleu trained beau), Asian themed cocktails (including fresh lichee martinis – “you can only get fresh lichees one month a year” – yay for me!), the “Pink Martini” channel on Pandora, the impromptu dancing and Latin dance lessons that ensued afterward, all the way to my favorite birthday cake (yep, I had a huge slice), made THIS birthday an incredibly beautiful, memorable one. I was and am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful friend who is like a sister to me.

Nuggie and I planned to sleep over, knowing we wouldn’t be driving after the party. We passed out in her over-stuffed, poofy, comfy guest bed. I imagine I’ll spend many nights in that bed in the future, and I’ll dream about being a jet-setting billionaire-ess, famous author, wise sage or something.

Brit and I both rose at about 6AM. I did a little yoga on the patio (she had serene spa music playing softly on the outdoor speakers that basically SCREAMED at me “GET OUT HERE AND DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOUR BODY DRUNKY!”), and she began to clean up and regroup for the day ahead (which included the four of us lounging by the pool).

Then I pulled out my camera from the night before and Brit was amazed. She was so glad I’d documented the fabulous party. We chuckled, oohed and ahhh-d as we recalled various moments.

Then she laid this on me:

“What is it about life’s great moments that we can’t always remember them until we see the photos?” (you can ask this on twitter)

Now, I’m not often given these kinds of opportunities in my world…the perfect set up…. the kind that invites you to participate in the making of a quote for the annals of history (or for here on the blog at least),

I answered her immediately and compassionately… “… it’s the alcohol, darling.” (you can tweet that)

Hey, life’s great moments may get a little foggy for some when mixed with alcohol, but I remember it all (of course, I followed my own best advice – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate). And I wouldn’t change a thing.

The God Bless America View

The God Bless America View


It's The Alcohol, Darling

The photo that sums it all up. “It’s the alcohol, darling.”



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